ZBrush tutorial: Panel Loops features complete explanation


A Pixologic ZBrush tutorial with complete explanation of Panel Loops features.
Basic Rules 1:10
Double feature 3:15
Masking tips 6:50
Ignore Groups feature 8:18
Append Panel Loop & Move Topological Brush 10:55
Polish feature 14:15
Elevation + Thickness & Loops 17:58
Bevel & Inner feature 20:45

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  1. @9:47: unfortunately "Ignore groups" does not only panelloop the OPEN edges, it does so to ALL edges. I am looking for a way to add panelloops into a surface that alredy has panelloops.

  2. Amazing! And most of all, thank you for talking through shortcuts. It answers so many questions I didn't even know how to ask

  3. I am happy to find a tutorial translate into french. Thank you very much for this attention.
    I laughed when i saw "merde" in remplacement about shift. Translater is funny.

    Your turials are very interestng. Thank you very much for all.

  4. Thanks! When i dynamesh after creating the panels, all of the panel details are lost. HOw owuld you retain it? By using the project all feature?

  5. I wish I had found this video before. A month ago, or so, I did waste several hours testing every setting and feature of Panel Loop.
    Thumbs up, anyway.

  6. Thank you for de-mystifying the Panel loops, This was very informative. I still find these very hard to work on,
    with all the different permutations that you need to remember.
    Question: If i want to model something using panel loops, what object would you suggest to practice for a start?

  7. I don't understand what is useful about panel loops? If you could explain that would be helpful. Thanks!

    Also nice video! 🙂 I'm already subscribed on my other channel

  8. best info i seen yet!! if you could make a tutorial on every zbrush tool that would be the best video series that there ever could be!!! zbrush should make tutorial this good in stead of the weak tuts they put out! i would pay good money for that. the way you explain thing are so clear, so concise, so precise. i cant say enough good things about your tutoring style!! please post more. make your zbrush channel. please. please. please!!!

  9. did you know what ?
    i am cried when i watched your video tutorial because no body in this world can explain this setting batter than you did
    you are amazing person
    thank you Mr.

  10. So much good tutorials u have bro if u can make a sword sculpting tips and stuff like that will be grate ! 😀 and happy new year

  11. Very confusing, you say Shift to do Mask Pen, but I cannot get that to work, even when I physically select Mask Pen, I have to hold control to mask.

  12. thank you! really like the completeness. I think what could have made this even greater is either if you had used different models than the sphere to extract from or different more easy to remember shapes of extraction as after a while they all feel the same and makes it harder to make mental markers to put structure to remember the subtleties of each approach. Just an idea. Thanks for yet another great tutorial!!! Awesome!


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