World of Tanks – The Gun Show


Another month, another new tier 8 premium. This time, one that makes up for how terrible it’s predecessor was. You can even get it for free. Well, some of you can.

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  1. Great video but the proper title woulde be: "Acts of a real TD". I would have enjoyed this video much better if the last destroyed target was a russian TD…

  2. “You might notice something about my voice at the moment, I have a slight cold….”. Someone start warming up the electronic voice generator lol!

  3. good game for Para noob, but watching the chat reminded me just how toxic WOT players can be. Not just the f*** arty comment, but later friendly arty, which hadn't relocated after the flank fell, was telling his team to uninstall.

  4. You don’t knock over trees. And I don’t care if that’s why he shot you in this case, or not. It’s ignorant to knock over those trees.

  5. Im preplexed by people who openly flame on arties and curse them out. I mean its not the players fault that WG decided to add them.

  6. Haven't played WoT since about 2016 but i still like to come back to see what's changed; and still see jingles at it after all these years

  7. 17,000 spotting damage, possible WoT record. Hey Jingles can you have a look at this replay?
    Guys upvote this comment so daddy Jingles sees this <3

  8. I kept my k90, I enjoyed play'n it when it first came out, haven't really used it in a while due to the new tech trees and what not

  9. Lumberjack tactician at the start he was like a beaver making a nest at the beginning to stop the flood of tanks coming towards him then whack incoming

  10. O.o I swear I've seen you cover this replay before Jingles. Given that it's a new tank, however, I don't see it being possible, but I vividly remember watching the duels at the end with the WZ and Jag.

  11. have you actually played this tank 'devastatingly accurate 105mm gun' i assume no by that comment go check out Dezgaming s review for a realistic appraisal

  12. People getting mad at his arty cursing, and people getting mad at those people for getting mad xD
    Can we just end the drama please?

  13. Nothing more satisfying to one shot a fucking arty. Seeing shit get knocked down from the otherside of the map…..then being able to " blindfire" ..what a crock of shit.

  14. The heck is this camo ? Even when I take supposedly sneaky tanks like the cockroach or the ikea I get spotted as soon as I move out of the bush or try to fire (which is kinda problematic when playing a td)

  15. Yeah, he's one of Those kind of players. Knocks a million trees down in an obvious camping spot and then bitches about arty. Then drives in front or behind a friendly tank blocking him, stays too long on the side where nobody is spotting, and continuously shoots at the sloped turrets of heavy tanks giving away his location in return for a ricochet. He stepped up at the end, but gawd, the start was cringey.

  16. Today I have comented on Tiger vs Sherman poll; "World of Tanks, you are so silly." Now I wanted to tell them how surprised I am with buffed premiums and how well they behave in the game, but I got shadow ban, hahahaha…World Of Tanks…you ARE so silly…

  17. Chicken soup, fluids, and rest Jingles! Beer is a fluid, and gaming is considered rest if you play in bed, lol! Get well soon gnome Overlord.

  18. Jingles, the best cure for a common cold is several hours in a steel tube submerged 300 meters below sea level. Play some more Cold Waters!


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