TV Novel : Eunhui | TV소설: 은희 EP.108 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2013.12.04]


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Ep.108: Upon returning from the States, Myeongho states that he will give up the Yeongdong Project at the board meeting. Eunhui and Jeongtae are worried about him. Yeongju makes Seokgu mad after trying to rush the wedding. Seokgu says the wedding isn’t necessary. Geumsun hears this and gets upset. Meanwhile, Seokgu listens on to the conversation between Myeongho and Jeongtae and finds out that the plan to give up the project is a lie. / 明浩从美国回来,他在高层会议上说要放弃永东开发权,恩姬和正太很担心他。 英珠催促要抓紧办婚礼,锡九一气之下说出不让英珠和成宰结婚也罢,琴顺听到之后很失落。 锡九偷听到明浩和正太的谈话,得知放弃永东开发权只是谎言而已…
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  1. 다시보는 후기- 로라킴이 워낙 무적이라 작가가 사고를 내야했었을듯.. 뺑소니 안당했음 지금쯤 석구는 싹싹 다털리고 유치장에 있을듯.. 하지만 석구도 정말 빠른시간에 권력을 가졌긴했네요..딱 거기까지지만..

  2. yes I feel relieve that the VP is back,the story is more and more interesting,I love it…….I want also to watch more video of Samsaenge please

  3. Yes yes yes…its good and im in peace (LMAO) now that the vice-president is working just right hihihi to protect the hotel Eunhiu and the president…just a bit longer its all OVER for Mr.Cha and His daughter and all the peiple connected to that adopted bitch!


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