TPP Vs FPP Which Game Mode Works best for You? Pubg Mobile TheBushka #TheBushka #bestgun #pubgmobile


#TheBushka #pubgmobile

TPP Vs FPP Which Game Mode Works best for You? Pubg Mobile TheBushka

Today we breakdown the two game modes of Pubg Mobile and talk about which one will suit you and your play style the best, and why you should probably mix in a little from column A and a little from column B to become the best player you can be!

Both modes have different mechanics to exploit and reward very different play styles.

So watch on and learn amigos!

Ahoy and enjoy.

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  1. When i play tpp everyone is just hiding behind an obstacle, and it is campers match, i cant stay at one place and use third person as adventage, bcz enemy is also staying in one place and looks around, its the match of campers, but in fpp is different, its morr action and more realistic

  2. TPP is for noobs and campers,and FPP is more realistic and challenging
    Like if u agree
    Make this the most liked comment on YouTube XD

  3. Justice for bushka! Some idiot got his channel deleted. Please spread the word and help him in whatever way you can!

  4. I just watched this video for the third time… really made me discover something that I really like and I have a reason to play FPP.. I LIKE TO PLAY AGGRESSIVELY

  5. 5:22, I can’t say I agree to this, because you didn’t account for one thing, which is luck. TPP punishes you more if you get the short end of the stick than in FPP.

    Imagine this. Final circle situation, the circle suddenly moves to somewhere with a good cover (a house in the middle of a field is a good example) that’s already being held up by a lucky team, now your team are forced to move to that area that’s being guarded by TPP-peeking enemies. Seriously, the most disadvantaged move you can make in the game, and you have no choice at all because the blue zone is right on your back.

    In FPP, there’s still a chance you make to cover before they shoot you to death if you can force them to hide in cover (to heal/revive/reload). In TPP, there’s no chance whatsoever, because they still can see where you are WHILE they’re hiding behind cover. Big advantage to them.


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