TP-LINK TL-MR3020 3G/4G Wireless N150 Portable Router Review


Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link). On the surface this product is a wonderful little router. A simple switch easily changes modes depending on the use case without having to hop into the control panel.

I did successfully use the device as an access point, plugging its ethernet port into my network to create an instant wireless network. It just worked but you should be mindful that its IP address doesn’t conflict with the rest of your networking when first hooking it up. It’s set to but can be configured for DHCP through its control panel.

When the switch is set to 3G/4G mode it can work like other home routers and share a DSL or cable modem connection through its ethernet port to the wireless, or utilize a 3G/4G USB cellular modem for the shared broadband connection. It’s then possible to share that cellular modem through the ethernet and Wifi. DISCLOSURE: I received this product free of charge through the Amazon Vine program to review on Amazon’s site.


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  1. Perhaps a silly question but can I get this to operate as a failover modem service (assuming 4G dongle is attached to it) to my existing broadband router for when the line is down? I have a small home network of maybe ten devices (WiFi and wired) that always connect to the router's ethernet ports or WiFi but the broadband is intermittent so would like it to be possible for this to substitute the modem / internet connection without changing all the other Wired / WiFi connections.

  2. Hi,
    I wonder if you could do a small test to see if it works for something i wanna use it for?…
    I have very bad wifi in one place in my house and i wanna use an old android phone that connects to my wifi, then tether over usb to that same Tp Link to extend the network, i wanna safe the ethernet on the tp link to connect it to an ethernet ip camera too.

    Thank you in advance it you would find the time for it…

  3. hi..did u get it working with 3G dongle as i am having there any other setting/config other than the sw that i need to do..plz help

  4. Does anyone know if I can plug my iPhone ion to the 3G/4g and turn on the hotspot on the phone to access the internet through the TP Link router?

  5. ok let me ask a real question because all the other questions were ridiculous. In the usb port can I plug in my phone and using pda net can I tether Internet directly to TP link and from there make a new wifi network? I know foxfi can do that but for what I need it will be blocked

  6. Can I use my 3g/4g dongle and access internet on a computer using the RJ45 as well as use the device as a wireless access point for internet on wireless devices?

  7. Same fuction for iphone IOS8 and Android phones wireless WiFi  Router/AP/Power Bank aliexpress store,

  8. I usually travel to different countries and check in to different hotels. I need a hassle free portable wifi extender. No hard setup needed. Will you recommend this? Thank you!

  9. I have an MTS 3g wifi dongle and if i buy this portable router how will i b able to connect my system running windows 7 (only ethernet port available no wifi on my desktop) and my iphone having wifi and use both devices simultaneously. If i have a satisfactory answer I will go in for this router.

  10. Guys can u help me? I bought a dlink dwm-221 modem inserted with a 4g lte sim card but i cant connect to internet when i inserted my dlink modem to tp-link mr3020..


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