TP-Link 300Mbps Universal WiFi Range Extender TL-WA850RE


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TL-WA850RE 300 Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender

This wall mounted range extender is designed to conveniently extend the coverage and improve the signal strength of an existing wireless network to eliminate “dead zones”.

• Plugs into any outlet, making it easy to install and move
• Expand and improve your Wi-Fi range and simultaneously game and stream with N300 speeds
• Connect a wired device to Wi-Fi using the available Ethernet port
• Find the best spot to set up with the Intelligent Signal Indicator
• Press the RE button for quick and easy one button setup


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  1. garbage doesnt set up nor boost wifi have to search an search for setup rather just pay my isp more money for better service then deal with tp link headaches throwing away now

  2. can i connect this device to a desktop via Lan cable? I have this device and wifi is working fine. But i have a pc, its wifi adaptor is not in good condition, i need to connect this with extender. Any way to connect this via Lan cable?

  3. Hello sir,

    I am from india. I have running my own cable radio network with 2500 users in a city (15 km radious ) but now I want to shift to wifi network without internet. I saw your videos on YouTube and thought you can help me out. 

    I will setup a base station with 3 120 degree sectorial antenna and will setup same as in diffrent location of city so that can connect to all radio users ..My question is :

    1. As in city there is lot of conjunction of other traffic, is audio streaming can work properly with in 1.5 miles or 1 miles as 120 degree supported.

    2. What 120 degree sec. Antenna go through into the concrete wall or in interior located house, where our wireless speaker or radio is mounted for receiving audio stream.

    3. What we need additional power sources or repeaters to give strength to signal

  4. I tried to set this up and it works fine for all my android devices but for some reason it gives a lot of problems for my iPhone 6s and any other apple devices in my home.does anyone else have this problem or is there a setting I need to change.Any help is welcome

  5. I cant get this to work with an 802.11 Wireless Air Router; the modem & the range extender don't seem to be seeing each other, i think it's a frequency issue; all other setting the repeater does take them but it doesn't communicate with the router, the router doesn't have a WPS button

  6. sarà facile, ma io è tutta la mattina che ci provo e non riesco a configurarlo porco di quel dio bastardo!

  7. I'm new to this stuff….so when they say it can get speeds of 300mps does that mean that my speeds will be 300mbs and not 24

  8. I hate your product so much, doesn't even work, I literally placed it RIGHT next to my router to just test it and it STILL couldn't get full bars

  9. kapoios na milaei ellinika na rwtisw kati gia auto TP LINK S300Mbps universal wifi range extender tl wa850re

  10. i recently brought the non-ethernet version of this repeater, however as soon as I plug it in and try to install it via my browser according to the manual, I cannot see the repeater's default SSID im supposed to connect to.what am I supposed to do?

  11. Guys don't ask question over here to TP-Link they are trained to give the answer "For technical support, please visit…. then whats the use of making a video many people who reviewed has already done a video on that and giving prompt replies.. better than TP link

  12. Try this portable WiFi extender which is also charger for your cellphone atablet:


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