This is HEAVEN for K-POP FANS (K-POP Shop Tour in Seoul)


Looking for K-POP Merch or Albums in Korea? Myeongdong is a place where you can find EVERYTHING YOU WANT and things you did not even know that existed.

Myeongdong Underground Shopping Centre has many kinds of shops – with food, clothes, souvenirs… And also those that catch the biggest amount of attention – shops related to K-POP! You can find shops that sell only K-POP albums and also the ones in which you can find EVERYTHING and even more than that. You can see at least a piece of this K-POP heaven in our vlog!

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  1. All those albums .. all those posters .. all those stickers .. AND THERE ARE NOTHING THAT HAS MAMAMOO IN THAT STORE?!!?

  2. My mom is gonna kill me when i take her to this shop (;_;)

    edit : well I have photocards only but that’s okay 🙂


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