The Most Futuristic 4D Sneakers


The Adidas ZX4000 4D Futurecraft are some seriously futuristic sneakers. They are constructed through a 3D printing process using digital light synthesis. The Adidas 4D printing process could eventually lead to fully custom shoes construction.

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  1. I was just a click away from buying one of these but now, hell no. I would buy another ultra boost instead.
    Thank you unbox therapy. ❤️

  2. And he's not gonna talk about how hard it'll be to clean it because of the mesh sole if the shoe gets dirty

  3. Ironically durability was mentioned as something that potential wouldn't be up to snuff- it's quite the opposite. I've had these shoes for 6+ months now wearing them nearly every single day and the consistency of the midsole is great. Unlike traditional foam it doesn't seem to wear out. It provides a very natural feeling and will not wow you with initial comfort, rather it will feel great throughout the day.

  4. I got the adidas x ISS National Lab 4d shoes for Christmas which came out December 6th and I went on YouTube about all the complaining about this shoe (not saying this video is against them):the shoe isn’t actually that bad

  5. how about getting a hold of a pair of those McFly shoes? I hear they are pretty hard to come by. And there has been 2 runs of so many produced.

  6. $350 for some fucking shoes some kid whipped up on his 3d printer, you got me fucked up. This is why i fucking hate branding. You chumps keep spending money on useless shit. I'll keep dropping funds in my stock portfolio.

  7. I’m actually excited for this! This could make it possible for those of us who have super wide feet to be able to look good and feel comfortable. Currently super tough to buy nice looking Nike’s or adidas that fit my feet. Not much of a “wide” variety…


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