The BOOST Shoe We've ALWAYS Wanted! Adidas Adilette BOOST Slide Review


Today I’m reviewing the brand new and kind of out of nowhere Adidas Adilette BOOST Slide! This BOOST Slide has been one of the most requested Boost shoes from customers. Adidas finally gave us the Adilette Boost Slide this year and for some reason released it on sale for a price of $37! Check out the full Adidas Adilette Boost Slide review to learn more!

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  1. I just inboxed my triple black boost slides, I passed them up the first time then they restocked and bought with a 25% off from being a game changer on the app.they are really comfortable like my yeezy 350 breds.

  2. They just restocked, and I was finally able to get a pair for under retail!! Thanks for the review Seth!! Can’t wait to get mine in.

  3. I'm a 9.5 (rarely a 10) and don't want a snug fit so should I just get a size 11? Or would the size 10 be a better fit considering that it's still a half size larger than my exact size of 9.5? Also, I like having a bit of room in my slides, that's why I'm considering the 11. Thoughts, anyone?

  4. Surprisingly these things are reselling for just the retail price or cheaper on GOAT. Was expecting to have to pay $100 or something but only had to pay half that which seems worth it to me.

  5. Awesome video! If anyone is interested in watching, I reviewed the Nike Kawa Shower Slides here!

  6. Really wish that was a eagles helmet in the back ! Lol as a birds fan I’m rooting for Lamar , I mean we did traded u guys the pick to draft him 😉


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