The 7 Most "Liked" Perks at Facebook | WIRED


Subscribe for more: | The main Facebook campus in Menlo Park, Calif., has all of the standard tech company freebies: free gourmet food, on-site gym and fitness classes, and creative outlets for music and art. But the social media giant takes things further with a slew of over-the-top perks that make sure its employees are living the Silicon Valley dream.

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The 7 Most “Liked” Perks at Facebook | WIRED



  1. Notice how every YouTube video these days has manic, fast-beat, loud, obnoxious music playing behind it? Perhaps this is a reflection, the children of today are being over stimulated every freaking second by the mass consumption of everything electronic. Heart rates are higher, blood pressure medication being over prescribed, ADD and ADHD meds over prescribed. We must stop this insanity. God help us!

  2. The reason they have all the perks is because they live at their work, without great perks no one in their right mind would want to work and live there.

  3. That's nice and all but good American companies used to provide pensions back in the day. None of these perks will be helping these workers when they're pushing 90.

  4. All of this money and bullshit pampering employees and there are kids and families all over america starving and struggling. Way to get your priorities straight america. We have spoken. We would rather look at bullshit meaningless posts and throw money at the website than help people who need it. Nobody gives a fuck about anyone else but themselves anymore.

  5. So basically, an exact wannabe of the Google employee workplace.

    Fbook is nothing new or innovative, any techy knows this. They get other peoples ideas, mass advertise using native advertising (what got facebook popular in year 1) and used apple-like native advertising on tv with "join our show on facebook" ads all over, when nobody even really used it — huge mass native advertising campaign that was annoying to tech users) and got mainstream followers to sign up, falsifying numbers by forcing signups by email to see peoples pictures.

    Groupon used the same BS tactic to falsify numbers in the beginning. They force you to signup to see the deals, then tell investors LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE WE HAVE! Yeah right, most of those people never came back, but that lie got their foot in the door to the public.

     Fbook is inflated with so many false accounts and multiple accounts for spam that their numbers are falsely inflated to boost investor interest. It will die off like it has been the 2 years previous, just like the social media fads before it, livejournal, myspace, the techies in the know were on all those and have since left, too. There is already a migration to another site, sadly it was bought out by the same small clique of rich california tech investor groups. Tech advertising is getting so clever to mainstreamer thinking


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