Taeyeon's father passes away on Mar 9… Tragic news on 31st birthday – 'happy' comeback delayed


Father of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon passes away on her birthday

On March 9, taeyeon’s father passed away. taeyeon’s name, along with various other words, such as “taeyeon father”, “taeyeon happy”, “taeyeon family”, “taeyeon birthday”, “taeyeon comeback”, “taeyeon dad” were googled countless times for this reason. If you are wondering why anyone ever googled “taeyeon happy”, it’s because taeyeon was originally going to release her new single titled “happy” on March 9. Of course, due to the unexpected news, the release date of the song as well as the music video has been temporarily delayed. And if you are wondering why “taeyeon birthday” was googled, it’s because, sadly, March 9 is taeyeon’s birthday, which is why the passing of her father is even more depressing. She confessed last year that she had been struggling with depression, but she managed to stay strong as not only as taeyeon the solo kpop artist, but also as girls generation taeyeon, otherwise known as snsd taeyeon. But now that her father has passed away, everyone is very sorry for her loss and fans hope that she will eventually be able to pull herself together.

May taeyeon’s father rest in peace.

We hope that one day, we can bring you positive updates about taeyeon. Until then, doyouram will not stop bringing you the latest kpopnews.

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  1. I also have bday on 9th March..when I heard of this new I was so hurt inside…I think that would be her worst day of her life instead of her Bday…Lets give her support from behind and a shoulder where she can cry and rely on 🙂

  2. Taeyeon, you are not alone, you are loved by many. Stay strong and spend all the time you need with your family and friends.

  3. Guys we need to keep an eye on her now m since one of her parents passed away, and that she suffers from depression, we should console her and love and support for her

  4. Feels like SM idols have some of the worst luck. 🥺 Birthdays are days you want to spend with family and friends, losing a parent on that day is even more devastating.


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