Supercell will BAN you for ACCOUNT SHARING 🍊


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Top ladder players are in a pinch right. Many top 200 accounts are shared maxed accounts and Supercell is laying down the BAN hammer on these accounts. Is this fair? Is this unfair? Should they have done this sooner? Should they have NOT done this at all?

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  1. To clarify. If your little brother plays on your phone, you’ll probably be fine.

    If you gave someone your supercell ID (which you never should). And they log in from a different country, pretty sure Supercell will know.

  2. I just got banned from coc from acc sharing, makes no sense many other players share info too but I guess I got lucky and got perma banned

  3. What if i change the phone im playing right now with another one and never access the one im playing now? Will i get banned if i log in the new phone?

  4. Do my frnd shared his account another person 2 people play that acc.. and today they got banned can they be recovered?

  5. How would Supercell know if I and a friend shared an account? We both live in the same country, so how would they check it??

  6. No offense, but your comparison wasn't quite right, pick-pocketing is a given, and common law. Account sharing is not well known, and isn't common law. One is a law, one is ToS

  7. It would be fair enough if those accounts are banned correctly, but you can’t demand Supercell to screen out and ban ALL accounts that violate ToS at one time.

  8. I cant give my acc to my friend because supecell wants him to spend time on an new one… even sharing accounts beetwen friends lol

  9. Everyone in my household has their own acct… Supercell needs to fix where even though we maxed a card, we can still collect it and donate to our other clan members.. I don't like not being able to help my clan properly prosper

  10. Each season the check top LB accounts? They are all "clean", yeah right! I still believe in Santa by the way…

  11. Speaking of the emote I did the tourney and still haven't gotten it. Does anyone here know how they confirm who needs the emote? Cause it was made super unclear

  12. You guys remember OhLongJohnson, right? He used to make clash royale funny moments videos, now he moved to fortnite… I think that it would be so great if OJ replaced him, making not only brawl stars funny moments, but also CR ones.

  13. If supercell wants to make a fair play why havent they fixed the match making yet i just played the new season tournament and me who has 4374 trophues played against a guy who only has only 2136 trophies hus lightning was only lvl 7 and his valkyrie lvl 8 i really feels sorry for him cause i had also gone 5hrough such situation where my enemy has higher trophies so OJ pls tell clash royale to focus on such a thing other than on this silly matter if u want proof i will send screenshot of this matchmaking i just experienced


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