Sony Xperia Z3 Signal Cable Disassemble


This video will show you the skill to replace the Xperia Z3 signal cable step by step. It is not a hard job to do by yourself. Solve the Xperia Z3 antenna cable problem now. Original Xperia Z3 signal cable –
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What you should do:
Step 1 Free the back cover (secured by adhesive sticker)
Step 2 Free the signal cable
1. For avoid damaging the inner cables, do not put the guitar pick into the phone over 3mm.
2. Putting the old back cover back, you need a new back cover adhesive sticker.

1. Heat gun or hair dryer
2. Suction cup –
3. Two guitar picks –
4. Tweezers –

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  1. hi i have sony z3 no wifi signal. i change already the signal cable and the pcb at the bottom but still the same. need some help pls. thanks.

  2. Guys ,
    I have the same issue that Networks keep searching and it always giving that No service , sony xperia z3 compact , could any one tell me how much the cost will be for changing that cable ?

  3. My phone won't recognize my sim card and doesn't catch wifi. I was told that I should see if the antena and sim reader are broken by ordering new ones, but I don't know how, where or what to order… any advice?

  4. Ese cable es el mismo para la señal…el gris es el de wifi…? Exactamente qué función tiene ese cable!!!!?


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