Smoking vs Vaping


Is vaping actually better for your health?
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Written by: Annik Carson, Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit


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  1. All I know is my skin became young again plus my hair stopped falling out and regained its thickness when I switched to vaping.

  2. Is it just me that always mixes up smoking n vaping bc they similar lmao and accidentally say smoking when u mean vaping?

  3. hahaha vape juice does not contain water what it does contain it vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavourings and the optinal one is nicotin. and a study in england have showed that is 95% cleaner/healthier and yes vaping is not healthy but HEALTHIER so do research before saying stuff about vaping

  4. If you are going through any struggle or addiction this is your anthem
    I'm finally someone that I know again
    I started climbin' out the hole I'm in
    Fightin' demons that I know I'll win
    It's time for me to mend these broken wings

    Life has been hard I know it gets better
    This is a war that I'll fight forever
    I have my scars I'll always remember
    When I lost it all and never surrender

    When you fall down and the world's closin' in
    You can get up again up again

    Life has been hard I know it gets better
    This is a war that I'll fight forever
    I have my scars I'll always remember
    When I lost it all and never surrenderrr

  5. Smoking is just straight up bad for u. The smell should be enough to tell u that. Heck my parents never had to tell me not to. I just knew. As for vaping I think it’s worst because more people r doing it and it causes death faster. It causes popcorn lungs as the liquid in the vape is oil. Ur lungs can’t hold oil. The oil crystallizes into shards which cut ur lungs. So ya both are bad for u.
    So don’t smoke or vape.

  6. im addicted to smoking cigs and im 15, if its possible to get a vape that would be amazing since it would help me fight the addiction, problem is its illegal to be sold for people under 18 so thats when the stupidity comes

  7. I've always felt like AsapScience has a balanced, pragmatic view of drugs, but here I feel they fall short.
    True, there are no longitudinal studies, but there are so few compounds in the vapor that it's not that much of a gamble. We know nicotine itself isn't particularly cancer-causing, and the PG and VG bases are no new mystery compounds.
    True, more young people might start vaping than would have started smoking, but how many? An increase from 6 to 20% is just not nearly enough to offset the public health benefits of recommending that everyone switch away from combustion. It looks like the sum total of the negative effects of vaping is extremely unlikely to surpass 10% of that of smoking, so even if 10 times more people start vaping than would have smoked it should still be worth promoting vaping with all your heart!
    Of course that won't be the case, so vaping comes out even further on top.

  8. Wow, they made a video about cigarettes and vaping while making the video length the code of weed.

  9. I saw this 4 years ago, and it was very helpful… i think there new studies about this. do you think its time to give some updates about?


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