Smart Hard Disk Error / how to fix it / Error 301 hp …maybe it was not bad!!!


When we get “Smart hard disk drive ERROR” message, it means your hard disk is totally bad, or maybe is not “bad”. If it was just lossing speed, you can use it in another laptop or desktop without Smart function, or to put the disk in an external enclosure to use it as a back up unit for a while.
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  1. So your saying that if your hard drive gave up on your newer computer to find and older computer and downgrade systems ?

  2. Hello, I know this vid is 4 years ago but Is there something I need to do before using the old hard disk or is it ready to go as an external?

  3. I really owe you 25 years of memories. 10 years of work. You really are a great person. Thank you very much 👏👍❤

  4. After getting the above error, I have changed New Hard Drive. but the above error still shows… How to rectify…

  5. i took my laptop to get installed excel since that day i keep getting this error, everytme is freezes and this message keeps coming out also i have notices my laptop has been acting really slow…you guys think he open my laptop and changed my harware drive or this happen when excel is beng installed.? need some advice…my latop was new till now and im having my doubts…

  6. То есть на моем компе сдох диск и он щас находится в аварином режиме чтобы собрать все данные с его и выкинуть? Так я понял

  7. полный шлак. лучше сказал как выключить смарт чем эту фигню выкладывать. ставлю рабочий новый винт но с выключеным смартом и ноут ругается. долбаный ХП…

  8. Well, you don't have to open the notebook. Just use a gparted live ISO for example to format the HD. Here there is the information of how to boot from CD-ROM or USB


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