SMART Failure Predicted on Hard Disk Replace


My laptops hard-drive began to fail. I had a spare hard-drive, I decided to backup whatever I can from the failing drive and replace. I decided to install Mint Linux instead of continuing to use Windows.

Hard-drive to USB adapter on Amazon:

Good opportunity to upgrade to SSD storage:

Best hassle free Linux operating system:

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  1. Hard-drive to USB adapter can be found on Amazon:
    Good opportunity to upgrade to SSD storage:

  2. A user removable hard drive? Nowadays you're lucky to even be able to replace the battery from the outside, much less the hard drive. Does Sony still make a model like that by any chance?

  3. I have this error message but my hard disk is fine I go to cmd and check the disc it doesnt find any problems and I can use everything. How do I remove this message???

  4. It's been a year since my harddisk "failed", solution for me was booting into Linux from an old SD card I had lying around (luckily my laptop has a built-in card reader). Been using Xubuntu for almost a year, this thing saved my life, it was a bad thing that came for good reasons. I still can access my files in the old disk if I need it, but most of the time I keep the disk suspended and just run linux from the ramdisk it creates, a bonus is that browsers and downloading get much faster because not being restricted by disk speed, and torrents can't corrupt the disk with its major reads/writes, along with browser cache. (I suspect these were the reasons my disk got trashed to begin with, always use Ramdisks to store your browser profiles and temp folders). Later on, I found this program called JLIVECD which allows me to create my own Linux ISO containing my personal files, desktop shortcuts, etc, so in this way I can still boot from my SD card without having to reinstall applications every time I have to restart.

  5. Hello, I have only just been told about this Issue by someone who should have brought it straight up to me but they decided to wait 3 days when they only live in the same house so stupid they are, my Issue is I press F1 and get nothing no option to do anything at all.


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