Singapore reports 1,037 new COVID-19 cases; total tally now more than 11,000


Singapore reported another 1,037 cases of COVID-19 on Apr 23. It is the fourth day that the country has seen a daily increase of more than 1,000 new cases. The total tally is now 11,178.

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  1. With all the fear and madness around don't, you think it's about time to know what really this is all about to better understand where is this going?

  2. With 13 Sg/PR on 24 April, they should tell us how many linked or unlinked. Which area the unlinked stayed in Singapore so that we can avoid these areas?

  3. Many Singaporeans infected but they're just reporting the foreign workers,mostly who go outside are the employers,and mostly who go for cycling,jogging are Singaporeans,they're the most expose.

  4. See i say already just ban the travel when we have the first case oh don want listen now we have a huge spike good lah you

  5. Sg already too small and u cater all this here..what an idiot.wheres all the talented papies?? Just sit n watch? Everyday increase still thinking of how to make money?? Now the money belong to Singaporean cpf kindly return back..dun use ur stupid reason to feed all this worker..

  6. Everyone saying the gov could've have done more/started the lockdown before CNY, but did any of us know that the virus was this severe? that it could be transmitted this easily? Do you know the effects on the economy which is why they held off the travel restrictions? No-one asked you to leave your home, so if you were so wise, why did you? Stop blaming the gov and start trying to help.

  7. Why, Dear PM Lee, is 20,000 cases a foregone conclusion now, and 80,000 cases a possibility? Is no one going to be held accountable? The myth of the know-all government is thoroughly debunked; the scales have fallen from Singaporeans' eyes.

  8. Westerners have always advocated freedom, but they have forgotten that self-discipline is also the most important virtue of mankind.

  9. What record breaking infection number do you think the PAP can delivery today? I bet above 1000 cases, maybe 1400 cases or more. Place your guess down below. Winner gets to say they are smarter than all those overly paid PAP MPs.

  10. Community spread hovers around 20, 21… Pray that it will come down to 9 per day. Random swab test( estate by estate ) should carried out as soon as we get enough test kits from either Korea , Taiwan or Germany

  11. Those who having maid. Pls don't let them hangout. There are cases whole family may infected convid19 . Beware and be safe !! Maid also human had friends and boyfriends too,but we don't know where their friends are? Do keep them in house better than let them go out at this moment. Do treated maid as a family cos we are human not animals. Don't again the Singapore Law. If not in jail or heavy fine.


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