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Save a Workbook.

After you create a workbook in Excel and make changes to it, you can save the document to preserve your work. When you edit a workbook, Excel stores the changes in your computer’s memory, which is erased each time you shut down your computer. Saving the document preserves your changes on your computer’s hard drive, so to avoid losing your work, you should save a workbook as often as is practical.

Click the File tab.

Click Save.

If you have saved the document previously, your changes are now preserved, and you can skip the rest of these steps. The Save As dialog box appears.

If this is a new document that you have never saved before, the Save dialog box appears.

Click in the File name text box and type the name that you want to use for the document.

Select a folder in which to store the file.

Click Save.

Excel saves the file.

Open a Workbook.

To view or make changes to an Excel workbook
that you have saved in the past, you can open
the workbook in Excel.
If you have used the workbook recently, you
can save time by opening the workbook from
Excel’s Recent menu, which displays the most
recent files you worked with in Excel.

Click the File tab.

You can click Open Recent to see a list of your recently used workbooks. If you see the file you want, click it and then skip the rest of these steps.

Click Open.

The Open dialog box appears.

Select the folder that contains the workbook you want to open.

Click the workbook.

Click Open.

The workbook appears in a window.


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