Samsung Galaxy A10e Tips and Tricks (and How to Charge Wireless)


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Learn a ton of tips and tricks on the New Samsung Galaxy A10e from. Fun ways to customize the phone, how to manage your battery and ram, plus a hack to wireless charge your Samsung Galaxy A10e. Scroll down for a full list of tips and tricks plus time stamp links.

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Tips and Tricks List & Times:
1. Increase Screen Timeout –
2. Battery % on Home Screen –
3. Speed Up Phone & Free Up Space –
4. More Apps on Home Screen –
5. Change Button Order –
6. Customize the Keyboard –
7. Change the Phone Theme, Wallpaper, and Icons –
8. Rotate Home Screen to Landscape –
9. Wireless Charging Demo –
10. Full Phone Search –
11. Show App Drawer Button –
12. Launch Camera from Power Button –
13. Floating Camera Shutter Button –
14. Change Lockscreen Shortcuts –
15. Change Order of Notification Panel Apps –
16. Quickly Switch Between Apps –
17. Outdoor Mode (Auto Adjust Brightness) –
18. Adjust App icons and Font Size (Download New Fonts) –
19. Take a Screen Shot –
20. Turn Off Bixby Home –
21. Using Zoom in different Camera Modes –

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  1. Thanks for all the info on my new phone. I got a wireless charger…. such a no brainer… you have to set your phone down somewhere… why not on a charging pad? Thanks again !

  2. Friend, I just purchased my Samsung a10e yesterday and this video post demo of yours has been such a major source of help for me in adapting myself with this fantastic piece of cell phone! Thank you so, so much. Also, your entire approach to delivering info is very gentle and appealing. You exude an aura of congeniality, care and kindness. And you've just simply hipped me to so many little features and functions that I would have never figured out on my own. Thanks again, good times from Seattle.

  3. Purchased this model in September, 2019. Watched these 'tips & tricks' along with the two 'hidden features' videos. All are extremely helpful. A10e just reset itself (user error – I had it in my pocket while asleep). Had to set up from scratch again. Revisited the videos for features I couldn't recall from 6 months ago. The videos are a total time-saver; well done, easy to follow and accurate. H2Tech expertise is appreciated! Keep up the good work.

  4. Why do I feel like these videos are for people who have never used an Android phone before. This video is not exclusive to A10e. All the "tips and tricks" are pretty much geared toward any Samsung device. I love my Samsung phone, but this video is not geared toward the a10e, it just uses the a10e for display purposes.

  5. My previous phone was $500, and it was crap compared to this Galaxy A10e that I spent $150 on. I'm glad I got this one. The ONLY thing I don't like about the A10e is that I can't get it to auto-adjust the brightness based on the lighting in the room… I really miss that feature. If there is a way to do that though please let me know.

  6. Is there anyway to move the white google task-bar right down to the bottom? I hate the way it blocks out my lovely screen saver

  7. I cant seem to get my bluetooth headphones to connect. Just got the phone today and don't really know how to use everything on it. Help is appreciated

  8. I just got my ph yesterday everything is totally new and yes I did apply some of your recommendations. Thank you for taking time to share. More to learn…


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