Retaining Stock CD Changer In Your Car | Car Audio Q&A


The unfortunate reality is that you cannot retain an OEM CD changer when installing an aftermarket car stereo. The harnesses simply don’t exist that would allow the CD changer to interface the the aftermarket stereo.
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While some still prefer them CD’s are a dying medium, luckily aftermarket stereo still come equip with CD players as well as a host of other playback options that offer greater convenience without sacrificing sound quality.

Modern Car Stereo Features:
iOS & Android Smartphone Compatibility
CarPlay & Android Auto
Smartphone Voice Commands
Bluetooth Music Streaming & Hands-Free Calling
Panadora Internet Radio Compatibility
Hi-Res Audio File Playback
3.5mm Auxiliary Input
USB to Charge & Connect Devices
DVD Playback
Satellite & HD Radio
Advanced Audio Controls (EQ & Time Alignment)

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  1. Not always true. Some CD changers have the ability to control them without a head unit via a separate remote. Most changers output analogue audio, so you could figure out the pinouts and plug it into the aux of your stereo. Sony machines output to RCA so all you need is an RCA to 3.5mm aux along with the remote and you're good to go!


  3. I set up a radio broadcasting station in my trunk with a tuning station which selects what disk to play from the changer. Any radio receiver can tune into my station but I retain selection rights.

  4. Just delete the whole video we get it cd’s are old tech. But a multi disc exchanger is worth a shit load more than the part using kbb

  5. My old cadillac deville has the same cd changer as your thumbnail pic. The car doesnt work anymore and i have cd's in it. How do i retrieve the cds???

  6. In the late 90s till around 2003 cd shuttles 6 or 12 disc changers were a must now all you need is Bluetooth wireless or a 3.5mm headphone jack plugged into your phone if not go to wallmart or Amazon and pick up a fm transmitter scosche is a really good brand P.s cd changers suck and are super easy to break and most cars with the factory bose with 6 disc built-in to the mouth breaks to from 2004 and under never came across a car or truck that still had one working

  7. I found this vid searching to find if I could possibly have a USB disc drive in my glove box routed to the USB of a double din touch screen? Like would it play the cd/DVD??

  8. Hi guys, just wanna ask which is more louder, dual 10" sealed box or single 10" ported box, assume they are powered with the same power. I had my fathers car with limited space so i'm thinking which the best option. Thank you.

  9. Can you help? I have the six disc changer in trunk. It suddenly said no cd. Not sure if cd is jammed or? Help PLEASE

  10. I have a 2002 mercedes benz c320. With a 6 disc cd changer mounted factory on the passenger side floorboard to the left of course. But there is the 3 pin clip male end with the 12v, negative, ground. I don't know which wire goes where and I tried random and it threw my srs light. So needing the order

  11. I had 2 audio pipe 15’s wired at 2 ohms on a 1200w hifonics 1216D.1 amplifier that’s 1 ohm stable at 1200w. I was powering it with a 700w second battery that’s connected to my main battery . I was told that wiring the speakers at 1 ohm would increase there output and i did and they sound the same. Shouldn’t they be louder because there getting twice the power?


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