PuTTY Tutorial for Serial COM (step-by-step guide)


In this video We’ll learn how to use/configure PuTTy to read serial data sent by LPC1768 Cortex-M3 Microcontroller. This would be step-by-step guide to read serial output from UART of LPC1768 Microcontroller.




  1. @BINARY UPDATES Thanks for such a great video!
    I'm using ARM-M4 family (Tiva launchpad board) and I want to transfer data (raw signal) to the PC. I have two questions:
    1) Should I use UART or USB as a serial communication? (I still couldn't understand the difference between UART and USB!)
    2) If it is done by UART, where I should find the data in PC? can PuTTY help to store data in a particular folder?
    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Thanks, I have always only used hyperterminal , Seeing the new laptops we are getting for my company is a Chromebook the putty app is only available. Thank you.

  3. Hi thank you for this quick tutorial, I was able to get output from my Silab Thunderboard Sense 2 on a VCOM port!

    However, how do you implement input (host to MCU)? Why doesn't PUTTY show what you typed (eg. "s" in your example)?

  4. Im Using an ESP8266 ESP01 Module, however i cannot get Putty to work, Arduino Serial monitor is working ok, Do you know if i need to modify some code to get putty working ?

  5. Ha je suis un fan de l'électronique et précisément les moxa l'héconomie obtenir un certificat en sa connaissance ?

  6. where did you write the code so that when you press S it shows you the data on the terminal? I am trying to do this for a project!

  7. Hi Binary, I wonder if this works in my case, I have a special computer which can stream serial data from computer's usb, my laptop doesn't have a serial port so can I use putty to accept data from the other computer's usb to my laptop's usb? I am watching tutorials are but everybody is more focused on computer side and omitting the cable part. And I guess I am too noob to know the basic truth. I would love to hear If I can make such a usb to usb serial connection. (At least may I emulate by putty)


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