Play Acoustic – Tutorial 1: Connect and Get Started


Here is the first in our series for achieving vocal bliss and rich acoustic tone with your Play Acoustic. Chris Kennedy takes us through the steps to set up and get the unit started.

The natural companion for any modern singer-songwriter, Play Acoustic combines all the things you need to make a live acoustic performance shine; lavish vocal sounds, perfect backing harmonies, best-selling guitar FX, and unique processing that makes your six-string sing — in perfect harmony with your voice.

Play Acoustic features:
* Professional Vocal Effects and Tone with natural sounding Vocal Harmonies guided by your guitar
* Guitar FX styles from TC Electronic’s Hall of Fame Reverb and Corona Chorus pedals
* BodyRez™ filtering and onboard EQ and DI for impeccable acoustic guitar tone
* Guitar feedback-proofing with notch filter and phase controls
* Separate vocal and guitar outputs, or a stereo mix of both


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  1. Hello TC Helicon,

    I hope you can help me out. I recently got a playacoustic and a brand new sennheiser e835 mic. I use the playacoustic with my headphones (marshall). When i listen closely I hear weird sounds. I can’t discribe it but weird cracking and flanger type of sound. You can hear this the best on preset 40 (Believe). This preset is totally useless because the weird sound is really loud. I tried to pit down the mic gain you can still hear it even when unplugged. When i change from preset 40 to 41 it goed a little bit away. But when i press 40 again en talk in the mic it starts again. I really want the product what can i do about this?

  2. THIS IS GREAT!!! Well done TC Helicon. May I ask a question? I have an acoustic amp (Fishman Loudbox Artist) with 2 channels. One channel for guitar, one channel for vocals/mic. Can I connect this device with those channels (So XLR out to vocals/mic and XLR out to guitar channel on the Loodbox). Thank you in advance. Greetings from The Netherlands.

  3. Just got this last night…How can i get a unaffected guitar signal ..through my headphones? I don’t want three part harmony on my acoustic! Thanks…….

  4. Hello, it is possible with this device to imitate the bass voices approximately from the next track.

  5. Hi….great video, but was hoping you could answer a question. I'm trying to record a guitar track only, and later will add vocal tracks etc. So when I just have my guitar plugged in, and hit the "Guitar FX" button, absolutely nothing happens. Do you have to run a mic as well as the guitar, or can I just run my guitar through the Play Acoustic, as that is what I need to do to record my guitar track. Also…..the bottom left corned flashes "NP" when I strum the guitar…what does this mean? Help! Thanks.

  6. Should I connect a guitar to a device? Can I use this device with an unplugged guitar? Do this device has a microphone inside to catch harmony like a VoiceLive?

  7. Hi, I just bought the PlayAcoustic. Could I plug in a Rhode NT USB mic with usb to mini usb adapter? Thanks

  8. also need a video here that shows from start to finish of how to record a music video using acoustic play

  9. when i connect to computer and record a video,there is no guitar sound except what my mic pics up,tested guitar cable and sound on my amp and is working fine

  10. hello lovely video and so simple so decent .. just need to know one thing.. im really on early stage learning all this stuff. i am looking to plug this device same with mic and then i want every thing in my pc so if i am singing live on online apps or etc so how can i connect this . let say if i have mic input can i plug this on mic in put.i am confuse i just want to show my voice online through pc not apple product. but i dont know how to connect.


  11. Question, would this work with a wireless microphone? and can it work with multiple microphones on a live stage?

  12. Important question: Can I use a condenser mic as well? even using the harmony effects on the vocals?

  13. Could I plug thins device in an Fender Aoucstica 150? That amp has twow channels (one for the acoustic guitar and one vocal channel) . Wich calbles do I need to get voice and guitar sound through the amp using the TC Helicon?

  14. Hi, I am thinking about buying a TC Helicon Play Acoustic & I have a question: I often busk & play live indoors, and I would love to know, would I be able to plug the Play Acoustic simultaneously into a Roland CUBE Street & a Tascam DP-08, (in order to record live performances)? If so, would you mind explaining how to set that up please? (I am inexperienced in this domain).

  15. Good evening. I use TC Helicon Play Acoustic and would like to know if the LR Baggs M1
    Passive pickup and electric guitars with passive single coil pickups or humbucker
    can damage the equipment?

  16. Can you plug this unit into a 2 channel acoustic amp such as an Hartke AC75 and separate the guitar and vocal channels??

  17. Hi could I am wanting to run this pedal into an acoustic amp. I have an XLR input for the mic channel (Marshall AS50D) but only a 1/4" jack for the guitar. Would it be okay to use an XLR to jack cable for the guitar? Thanks!

  18. Hey guys you've been so helpful in the past. Just have a quick question! When I run my acoustic through the play (to utilize the ability for the vocal to recognize the harmony from my acoustic) – I noticed that my acoustic at times can sound like the Low E is vibrating. I use my Gibson with a k and k pickup and preamp – Is there some guitar setting on the acoustic play that may be unnecessary amplifying my guitar causing vibration / slight feedback when I use it with my k and k pickup and preamp? I feel like possibly there's a guitar gain turned up in the factory settings of the pedal? Thank you!

  19. Hi great unit ,question. I have an LR Baggs DI eq unit,and a Fishman Aura 16 that have pre recorded mics,and guitars ,I also have a boss giga delay,which is excellent and has some great modulation effects..All these shape my acoustic sound.TC could you please tell me how I would connect and where I would put my TC Electronic Voicelive Play Acoustic Vocal Effects Pedal in the effects chain ,and if anything is having the LR Baggs or Fishman unit as well overkill I would really like to keep them.Thanx for your time

  20. This seems the perfect 'box of tricks' for me! Can I plug it straight into my acoustic amp which has 2 channels, one for guitar, one for mic! ??? Or do I have to buy extra p.a, mixers etc???

  21. Question, Am I understanding this correctly? I have a regular amp for guitar, no mixing board. No xlr inputs on amp. So I would need a xlr to 1/4 inch cable to input on amp for guitar. Then for vocals, I would need some type of monitor with xlr input. Correct?

  22. Love this product. Is there a way to make the megaphone or radio sound effect under the vocal "transducer" to NOT cut in and out. I love the effect but want to sing with it without it cutting out so quickly breaking up my words. Thanks for all your help and videos.

  23. This kind of question seems obvious, but I have to make
    sure before running, nothing better than you experts on equipment to
    enlighten me. I want to use an acoustic bass with piezo preamp in guitar
    input. This can damage the equipment due to the low frequency

  24. Using two microphones with adapter can damage the play acoustic? Because I want 1 mic for cajon, and 1 mic for acoustic guitar and acoustic bass to loop.

  25. Hi can I connect this processor to my Roland acoustic amp AC 40 and get the sound from it

    please reply…

  26. Hi Chris… awesome tutorials.! Congrats!
    I was wondering could I use this Play acoustic with a nylon guitar, actually a Godin Multi AC?

  27. Can I put additional guitar pedals in between the guitar and this pedal? Will this make the body fx sound weird.


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