PinkFong – Baby Shark Remix Bombstyle


Hello fellas.
Here we go again with the fresh remix. A song titled “Baby Shark” from PinkFong. Lol 😂
Use your earphone, headset or headphone for better experience 🎧
Original Song :
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Original Covered by NAVR!
Thanks for this awesome remix 🙏🙏🙏
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Enjoy the vids 🙌
Let the beat drops !



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  1. Baby Shark Remix is going live now Available on Spotify, iTunes, etc !!!

    Spotify :

    iTunes :

  2. Hello very good job for this remix, love it, Can someone help me coz i dont remember the name of the intro song

  3. they need to drop this in a rave while everyone is blasted off their face on drugs… I bet top dollar ppl would loose their minds!!!

  4. I'd rather listen to my great great great, great grandpa's music for an entire day, than listening to yours for a minute 😁

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