One Piece Chapter 976 Review "Turning The Tides"


Thoughts on if there will be any type of “barrier” preventing the rebellion from getting close to Onigashima?

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  1. Robins morbid sense of humor is one of the reasons she is so high on my list of favorite straw hats. That and she is that serious intelligent type to balance out the rest of the crews shenanigans….Also Yay Jimbei!!

  2. I'm hoping that Jimbe honestly is okay, and that the reason it took him so long to reach Wano is because A) It's difficult to reach Wano B) He didn't have a ship, so he was forced to swim, which would account for Big Mom arriving before him, and C) The reason he's okay but Big Mom didn't act like she was upset about him getting away is because the Sun Pirates might've faked being killed. I mean, when the Big Mom Pirates initially thought they blasted the Sunny, I thought that would've been the perfect cover for the Straw Hats to escape. Perhaps Jimbe and his old crew did that.

  3. I think JImbei with his old crew could have escaped without alot of damage because they are Fishman and Big Mom does use her DF powers so fighting at sea would put them at an advantage

  4. Hey tekking did you also notice that momos first text that reads " Let me back down. Im scared! Someone help me!! " is only writen in that style for that one panel all the other panels of momo speech are written normal. My theory is that momo will escape with the help of zunisha in some one which will also bring the minks to wano to add to luffys numbers. Tell me what you think and anyone else reading this check it and twll me what you think

  5. Can't believe carrots biggest #notafurry fanboy did not talk about the little detail of her being included in the crew panel.
    Really thought you would hype about it for a few minutes xD

    Almost tekking birthday time huh time to get that art tablet out

  6. dude i didnt even think about the unseen injury. me head went to another worst case scenario which is that he has no scars because the rest of the sun pirates sacrificed themselves to DEATH to protect him. QwQ

  7. Hey Tekking, I was born in 1992 and I turn 27 on April 27th! Anyway we were born in the year of the monkey I believe?


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