Nintendo Switch Rapid Blinking Green Light


A Demonstration of the Rapid Green Blinking light

No signs of life some the switch and the most life i see is this blinking green light =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Tools that i use frequently that are Ali-express Affiliate linked

CPB Heat pad:
This is the Blue Pad i always have on my videos usually set at 60 Oc
I use this to soften adhesive on mobile devices.

Heat Resistant Tape:
When using the heat gun near sensitive parts, its best to cover them
With this to protect them

Double Sided Black Tape:
The usual tape i use on most repairs, on screens

Red Clear Tape:
For things that need more Stick!,usually on tablet digitizers

Phone Repair Tool Kit:
A Similar tool kit to mine, that i use for those random screws that you dont normally see

Hakko FX 951 Clone Station:
My Soldering Station i use, so far it has been good

Quick 861DW Hot Air Station:
This was a purchase to learn a bit more in micro soldering
So far it has been a great purchase

Power Z USB Amp Tester:
Advanced readouts of power draw on devices

Basic USB Amp Tester:
A Simple Amp tester to see if your charger is actually putting out power

Black Tweezers Set:
The Black Tweezers i use in my videos

Metal Pry Tool :
This is the same as the metal pry tool i use, different brand printed on it

Pry Tool:
A New Version of the pry tools

Basic Digital Microscope:
This is the kit i purchased to do micro soldering, if you see a video
of me micro soldering it was captured on this cameras feed

Orico 120w 10 Port Charging Station:
The Charging station i use out the back, usually having multiple devices connected
Doesn’t support Fast charging but still does a good job

One page i go to when I’m curious what new repair tools is Wozniak Store:
The Gold and Black Iphone 4s Screw Mats Im using 90% of the time



  1. my switch is doing the same thing at first i thought it was because i spilled coke all over it but when i plugged the switch charger directly to the switch it was charging so it the dock thats broken for me

  2. @Ricks Tech
    The dock problem rapid blinking Green Light is the M92T17 Audio Video Control IC, from the dock motherboard. Replace it and the dock will work perfectly.

  3. Mine blinks aswell but not that rapidly it looks like 3 rapid flashes then stops for a little bit then flashes 3 times again

  4. To fix this you need to uh unplug it for a while (a day will work well) then plug it back in and it worked for me

  5. These consoles are shit I brought one got a black screen of death brought another yellow light bullshit over a grand wasted could of got a Xbox

  6. I AM SAD my switch is now a paper weight my charger port is kind of messed up and than i plug it in to the doc it blinks than works but still doesnt connect to tv so i turned it off and now its dead it was at 87 percent when it turnd off if anybody can help or have a link to a video please feel free to reply to one.

  7. I have this issue. The charger is able to charge my Switch just fine but the dock itself seems completely fucked. Rapid blinking light no matter what. I bought this system 35 days ago, this is just ridiculous.

  8. I have found the solution the charger port on the switch was the problem for me the charger still charged it put only one side works thats why the dock flashes its a error code sequence telling u the port needs replacement

  9. For everyone still having this problem all you need to do is hold down power for 3 secs… power options… turn off… then hold down both volume buttons and power button to turn back on… then doc should also reset

  10. My dock had the same problem, leave my nintendo inserted all night and then error 2101-0001 and brick 😭😭😭😭

  11. i currently have the same problem. Interestingly this problem of rapidly blinking light is much rarer than the common problem of the slow blinking light that people were able to solve with multiple reconnects.


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