Nintendo Switch AutoRCM battery drained fix (Updated Audio)


Switching the Nintendo Switch console after enabling the AutoRCM will surely drained the battery. This video will show you how to turn on your console after the battery drained. For this tutorial, you will need two power source. One is from the USB type C cable and the other one is from the AC adapter. Follow the simple guide.



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  1. if anyone has the black screen problem and it's not a result of FAT32 and EXFAT. Message me on Instagram: @I._.angel_

    I had a black screen as result of an app but fixed it. Maybe i can help you fix it too!

  2. suskrep ke aku! Gan, numpang nanya, kira2 beli MSI GE75 atau laptop ini ya? Kl beli laptop ini takutnya ada thermal throttling krn tipis bgt. Spesifikasi buat kedua laptop sm, mungkin bedanya buat yg Asus GX502GW ane belinya yg versi 240hz aja. Mohon dibantu gan

  3. Idk how to download those programs and do all that, like damn I’m just trying to fix my switch so it will turn on

  4. Man, congrats, you saved my life. After 8 hour of charging my switch didn't responded, then i saw your video and now i have my switch back

  5. Putting a comment for this for 2020. This works perfectly and saved my Switch. only thing is i didnt ever set up Auto RCM, so a recent update may have enabled AutoRCM on my switch.
    Cheers and thank you.

  6. Hi, after injecting the payload and I See SXOS logo I immediately switch the power of the AC adapter.
    This won't work, I don't see the Battery indicator at the top left screen, is there anything that I can do?

  7. So sad it doesn't work for me 🙁 The payload inject is ok, AutoRcm green, I see the Sx loader screen on my switch, then the Nintendo logo and then nothing. No charge information. I've tested with the AC power cable, … then nothing happen when I try to start it, I only see a sign of life during the payload injection 🙁 Did someone has a the same problem ?

  8. So does this only work for hacked consoles?
    I’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with my nephew’s Switch as it won’t turn on, and was wondering if this will work.

  9. when i put the payload on my switch it says "boot.dat?" and when i change to the adapter usb c nothing happens stays on the same screen someone help pleaseee

  10. Jesus, I went through 20 videos saying something like "hold the power button" or "charge it up, and try turning it on". Thank you, sir.


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