Multiboot USB UEFI & Legacy All In One


Multiboot USB UEFI & Legacy All In One
This video shows how to create the ultimate multiboot drive for uefi and legacy in both Windows and Linux!

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  1. DISCLAIMER: There are multiple ways to do Multiboot but I picked YUMI because I need Windows, Linux, and Utilities all within a single USB drive. Many other utilities I found just didn't accomplish this task. YUMI was the best for using both Windows and Linux based systems. I just wanted to showcase you can use some Windows tools like YUMI on Linux without issue.

  2. Hey Chris, what linux distro, you are using? It is really cool. Which laptop brand you suggest to purchase to install linux distro? Please educate.

  3. GREAT VIDEO! any chance you can do a video showing how to use this tool to multi boot from a hdd with multiple OS's?

  4. As far I windows is concerned using Yumi is the only reason I need Windows at all. I would like you to make a video about creating multi-boot flashdrives with Linux/Ubuntu OS' and never needing Windows again. It's no problem to make a single bootable flash drive with Startup disk creator or and such, but I can't figure how to use MultiBoot Utility with Linux/Ubuntu, it just never seems to work for me. How about do that video, I know Yumi works, but you need a Windows OS, eckkkkkk.

  5. Hi. Sir I want make multi bootable usb for windows 98 Second Edition and windows XP service pack 3. Kindly help me. thanks

  6. So I picked up a 128GB drive for this, but my Elementary OS is not supported. I tried manually adding it as a Debein, but no luck.
    Also, can the drive be partitioned in some way so that a I can keep application installs separate from distros?

    I would love a follow up.

  7. thanks for sharing the tutorial brother. i found aplication can make a multibootable (windows, linux, dlcd, hiren) and support to boot in UEFI and Legacy in single FD. i make the tutorial in my video. and now, in my computer store use this bootable method to reinstal windows or just troubleshooter tool's

  8. I can't find any options to install Elementary os,parrot os and kali linux in the os selector . Could you please help me out here

  9. There is a Software called Easy2Boot. More customizable, can handle files and Programs you can access via usb.

    I've got that on my Easy2Boot:
    Windows10 Pro 32 bit
    Windows10 Pro 64 bit
    Windows7 Pro 32 bit
    Windows7 Pro 64 bit
    WindowsXP Pro 32 bit
    WindowsXP Pro 64 bit
    Linux Kernel
    Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal 32 bit
    Linux Ubuntu 18.04 Server
    Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 32 bit
    Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.3 64 bit
    Linux Manjaro
    ReactOS 0.14.2
    CloudReady (ChromiumOS) 64 bit
    Android x86 9 Pie 32 bit
    RemixOS Android 32 bit
    OS / 2 Warp4.52 32 bit
    Haiku Beta 1 (BeOS)
    FreeDOS 12
    Linux Kolibri

  10. I used YUMI earlier to create a multiboot USB stick with live distributions of Linux and also live antivirus and software tool environments. It was very easy to use and I highly recommend it.

  11. This is also a cool multiboot usb maker with how to make it….. … greetings from the dutch lowlands NL

  12. If you have an available, lower capacity SATA3 SSD (32,64,120 GB), then consider using it as your installation medium (via external enclosure to USB port.) It will fly faster than any thumb drive.

  13. I am going to use this information to have multiple distros of Linux on a 64GB flash drive. What's my flavor of Linux today? Peppermint.

  14. My usb stick lost due to Yumi I used it in Linux wine and formated with the option inside Yumi and usb stick GONE I'm not able to format or delete IT. It became READ-ONLY. Ofcourse Yumi is my favorite But only in Windows

  15. Why dont you tackle PXE booting? I've been using it for a while and it changed a lot how easy it is to just load an OS without constantly formatting usb sticks, this waythere's less wear on them

  16. I don't want to sound needy, but you should do a Multiboot Easy2Boot tutorial and make custom grub themes. A Hax0r theme :3

  17. Hi ! This video is very interesting, I would like to put a few distros on my new USB drive, but one of them is missing from the Yumi list: Pop OS. Is there a way to add it on the drive anyway?

  18. This looks very interesting. I have multiple USBs with different Linux distros on my keychain, so this seems like a super nice option in terms of portability.

  19. I did one with WIN USB with 4 ISOs WIN 7 WIN8.1 WIN 10 and linux MINT plus a virus removal ACRONIS and heaps of stuff on a 128 GIG

  20. So with this implementation can you update the environments? In the past I've tried to live off of live usb environments but nothing was ever persistent from boot to boot. Saved files, updates, the like.

  21. I used it for years but its not Legacy + UEFI at the same time. Now i am using AIOBoot, Because it can be boot from Legacy as well as UEFI at the same time.


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