Most Comfortable Slides Ever!!


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Adidas Adilette Cloudfoam Slides-

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  1. got the navy for the first one and get the black version later in a few month , knowing this is a quite expensive slides from adidas in the full price. i usually wear it for light activity on a daily basis for going to the malls and driving. places that is dry air conditioned because it keep the slide foam clean and not absorbed your sweaty foots. Avoid using on rainy day or activity that might expose it to water. keep it dry all time and you will preserved the slides. Get a cheaper or beater sandal for the gym or going to the beach / swimming pool

  2. The foam they used in these are very soft but its major downside is it acts like a sponge eventually this will get wet and the water it holds ends up stinking. Even just the sweat of your foot would eventually accumulate in these. Cleaning them is also a hassle since it holds too much water when it gets wet.

  3. I hear they have been discontinued. When a product is so good people don’t buy their other models. I bought 2. I take a size 10 but 9 fits perfectly.

  4. Bruh I have one pair and I wear them everywhere because they’re comfortable af! It feels like ur feet are sinking inside the slides!

  5. i just got these in today. the cushioning is by far the best ive ever had on my feet. BUT the top strap that goes over my foot really hurts when i take a step. it feels very stiff and presses into my toes making my toes hurt. anyone else with this issue? should i buy a different pair or just wait and see if these break in?


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