Missing operating system? Desktop Fix / Solution


Missing operating system? Laptop missing operating system. Desktop missing operating system. Computer operating system missing. This video contains a possible fix and a couple of tips on what might be causing the “Missing operating system” message on startup.


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  2. Okay, so I have an old ECOT computer from when I was at ECOT. When I try ti login with my password the admins have to confirm you in. So it's been years since I've ever got on my PC. I tried to master reset it and now it doesn't saying anything about a Master or Reset at all. I got a Error 1962 No operating System found boot sequence will automatically repeat when I power it on/off now. Can't go to the login password menu now. The internet has fucked up my computer now.

    P.S. it's a Windows 10 Lenovo Aver Version 02.06.00

  3. Thank you boss.
    I try all day to computer on.
    And he is not on.
    But i see your video.
    And try,
    Then computer on..thanks ❤❤❤


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