Mi A3: Teardown Time!


#MiA3 gives you great cameras front to back and an incredibly long-lasting battery.

Let’s see how it all works, it’s teardown time!





  1. How many antennas does this phone have? I'm asking because I have a worse tower cell signal on it, than my other phone, an old samsung S5. Even my wi-fi signal on it streghtens when i turn on plane mode, sadly the opposite don't happens. So I was wondering how to narrow the problem between defect/not good antenna, bad sim card or software problem. What it does is that the phone very often cuts calls or they stop hearing me for 5-10 secs. Does anyone have problems like mine?

  2. Hi! I just broke my xiaomi mi a3's LDC. How can i be sure if the lcd on online stores is compatible with my device? Thanks for your help!

  3. What I love about this phone is it comes with Android one. Which means we get the pure Android and again get update for about 3 years that is so cool

  4. Andriod users: WTF this only has a 720p Super AMOLED screen and it costs £149???

    iPhone 11 users: 720p LCD screens are awesome!!!!


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