Live: Andrew Cuomo Issues Executive Order For All NY Residents To Wear Masks In Public | NBC News


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic as it spreads across New York state, which has the most positive cases in the United States.

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Andrew Cuomo Issues Executive Order For All NY Residents To Wear Masks In Public | NBC News


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  1. For those finding it difficult to locate NIOSH approved N95 Masks:

    Stay Safe!!!


  3. WHY aren't these Fascist pigs providing masks after they "mandate" them? People have run out of money and can't afford or find any masks but these greedy pigs find yet ANOTHER WAY TO ROB THE VICTIMS THEY CREATED.Disgusting rabid Hyenas.

  4. So use a mask when 6 foot distance is not possible. OK, then the mask must protect us when we get close ,so if we wear a mask you can reopen. He talks out two sides of the mouth.

  5. why now ? my job makes us wear them now .after weeks of being around each other ? i notice people touch there face more fixing the mask and they dont wash there hands ? the mask now has what your hands had right ? some places wont take cash only cards ,the card cant have stuff on it ? i am all for safety , but do people clean there mask after or face ?

  6. Everyone walks into a bank wearing a bandana. One person shouts out, hand over the money. Not knowing who said it, lol.

  7. Reading all the comments I'm glad we are all ok with our constitutional rights taken away. Wear a mask order. What's next, all you sheep seem to like laying down and complying

  8. I wont be taking your Bill Gates vaccine, the guy who wants to de populate the earth. and Just held "event 201" about a possible "corona virus" epidemic, one month before it actually breaks out. research "event 201" and you'll see this was all planned.

  9. Complete nonsense. Stop trying to take the God given rights of Americans. You cant infect other when most people are not sick! youtube "Event 201" and you'll see the whole thing is planned.

  10. Its high time America return to living…
    Before theres nothing worth living for in America anymore.

  11. This governor is a cry baby, he always cry for help. Just stop crying and learn how to handle your state from other governors. Was this governor born in China ? Be a USA governor !

  12. this boob likes to hear the sound of his own voice. whine, whine, whine, guess what, theres 50 states in this union, not just NY

  13. This DEMONcrat cares more about virus victims than aborted babies. Children are cherished in REAL Italian families, maybe this POS and his brother Fredo are being punished by some higher power.

  14. We should use the infrastructure already in place. Tests can be performed at each city's local pharmacy. We need to think out of the box.

  15. Will Joe Alzheimer Biden be replaced by Andrew wanna be President Cuomo at the Democratic convention?

    On the next episode of As The World Turns.

  16. ทรัพย์หายและบาดเจ็บ ชี้ตัว ไอ้ทรัม และ พวก กระทำ

  17. 700 people A DAY DYING JUST FROM COVID19 WHY ARE FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS STIIIIILLL OPEN?!!! They are breeding grounds for spreading the virus… the past 3 days I have seen packed take out lines plus a LINE of delivery drivers waiting for orders cursing out workers along with customers waiting in line while they are struggling to keep serving the public EVERYDAY risking their lives and their family lives with bare minimum protection!!!! This in itself is a joke YOU should be buying your food at grocery stores and GOING HOME not CONGREGATING IN A MCDONALDS OR POPEYES RESTAURANT #unsungheroes

  18. Since a lot of people in these comments do not even begin to understand why there might be a change in mask policy, here a small but vital explaination.

    Yes, up until now people told you that masks will not help you and not protect you from getting sick; this is still the truth. Surgical masks, cloth masks, bandanas, shawls etc. do not protect you from getting the virus, only masks with special filters do; those filter masks need to be exclusive to the medical staff, however, and nobody should buy them up on the market. They didn`t tell you to wear masks until now to keep people from panic buying up vital stock, but also because it`s just not particularly helpful to protect you, but filter mask are a matter of life and death for medical personal, and consequently, for you.

    Then why should you wear a mask now? Simple. While non-filter masks offer no protection from the virus, they do help to contain the spread of the tiniest drops of saliva you do spread while talking, breathing, coughing and sneezing. You do walk around with a cloud of roughly about 2-4 feet in every direction, in which it is likely that you will spread these tiniest of particles even when you just breathe regularly. Especially if you cough or sneeze, this distance can grow by up to 200%, spread on surfaces etc. or simply cover everyone next to you in your potentially infectious saliva particles. This is how the virus spreads. And even the simplest masks reduce this by more than 60% and eliminate the chance of contamination of surfaces and other people – if handled correctly – almost alltogether. Maybe you are in an early stage of infection, you don`t know you have the virus – maybe you will never have symptoms, or don`t get sick for weeks – but you are still infectious to other people and can spread it by just breathing and moving about.

    So what these masks do is protecting everyone by enabling you to protect others from the means of transportation for this virus, effectively limiting contamination and spread of the virus. But it only works when as many people as possible wear a mask. This is how protection works.

  19. How come this Guy didn't do anything in January to February ? He sure has total control with his state now. Doing Executive Orders. Maybe Cuomo should did a Executive Order on a Travel bad.

    This guy Talking like he know everything. Smh .


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