Let's read a VTV/Viceland TV show contract.


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A TV network reached out to me about creating original programming. Here is the contract they thought I’d sign. I am stunned they had the gall to email me this garbage. Some are confused as to what VTV means, VTV =

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● Home camera:
● Work microphone:
● Home microphone:
● Microscope camera: – mine is DISCONTINUED, this is the closest one I can find.
● HDMI capture:

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  1. Where are you finding this video from? Over the past day there has been a legion of people commenting on this 2 and a half year old video of mine of me raging like an idiot for an hour over a bad contract I was offered by VICE.

  2. Youtube:

    2016: Naaah
    2017: Mehh
    2018: Not yet
    2019: Almost
    2020: Here's a video of a guy who rants about a Viceland TV show contract

  3. I looked at the viceland Wikipedia page and read some interesting stats. Already in 2016 their audience was under 60'000 in prime time. In 2017 it was down 47%, in 2018 down another 10%.

  4. Found this video from here for reference:


  5. i really wish more youtubers were more like louis and other people on youtube who dont cover shit with chocolate and tell you its candy.

  6. @Louis Rossmann, do you not think this was an attempt by Apple to shut you down? It wouldn't be too hard for one of their employees to get VTV to make this offer to you.

  7. And this is why I am subscribed to your channel. Love your stuff man. My support isn't about "giving it to the man" but I support your honest professional and very funny opinions on a lot of the stuff you cover.

  8. 28:42
    Louis: I want you to go online rn and google what a Crest CP500HT costs.
    Me: c'mooon, I'm not doing that, just name the price!
    Louis: I'll wait!
    Me: ok-ok, I'll do that… jawdrops $1000+?!?!

  9. Louis:
    VTV: give us ur monies and control with no liability and we'll give you exposure on a dying medium that your target audience doesn't really use.

  10. My fav part of this Louis is when you say you felt like a "half bitch", or a "whole bitch." Thank you for this great content! Keep killing it man!

  11. This is an absolute master class in YouTube rants!

    I just stumbled across your channel and watched a couple of your repair videos which are great. Then I ran across THIS particular video. Holy shit, lol. I LOVE IT!

    The link to the original video of yours that I watched came up in a feed of suggested videos while I was watching a video called, "Apple: It's Good If You Like CRAP" that I found after getting disgusted (for the umteenth time lately) with the deterioration in the quality of Apple hardware and software.

  12. As of the 21-4-19, there are over 15,000 likes and 228 dislikes. What the fuck do those 228 dislike? Are there 228 television executives out there with busted-arse, hurt feelings? Those 228 people out there, can go eat a bag of dicks!!! Stick it up em!

  13. This is Disgusting! I do myself PLEDGE To ThumbDown Every Vice Media YouTube Video I watch (interesting they are). 💪


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