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Lakshmi Stores is a family drama serial on SunTV. Mahalingam is the family’s patriarch and founder of the traditional textiles showroom, Lakshmi Stores, but guilt-stricken with a past secret. His daughter-in-law, Mahalakshmi, nurtures the family and the close-knit staff with her selfless love. But she gets disowned by her husband, when she seeks justice for Bhakiyalakshmi, a kind-hearted young woman and earns the wrath of a vengeful MP Shakuntala Devi, as well. Now Mahalakshmi is faced with an uphill task to save Lakshmi stores and reunite with her family.

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  1. A very strange story. How Minister can come to the residence of Devaraj on her own seems to the viewers of this episode fooling the people. How a Central Minister can come on her own. Without knowing ride by the IT Dept. . The status of a Minister has been downgraded to that of a category which can’t be written.Such story line not to be edited by the Director.

  2. Sakunthala devi look like street mad animal….look worst then house maid….stupid story…no sense at all….and stupid lawyer…

  3. Hi malayalees,
    ningalk oru karyam kelkanoo ee serialile teja ye njn KGF enna movie yil kandu ningal arenkilum shradhichittundooo


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