(JW.ORG) WTBTS and the Menlo Park Congregation – Video 5


The greedy Witchtower’s insidious plan to take posession of all the kingdom halls.
8th commandment: You shall not seal
9th commandment: You shall not bear false witness against your brother.
10th commandment: You shall not covet your neighbor’s house… nor anything that is your beighbor’s




  1. For an update on WT's master plan to take over and liquidate KH properties check out the John Cedars channel; Unrighteousness Riches

  2. To all the X-JW's. I left the ''''TRUTH'''', but I still believe the Bible – and it talks about the ''Great TRIBULATION, etc. The World, itself, talks about their NEW WORLD ORDER, and the only way to bring it in is to MAKE EVERYONE SUBMIT. How will they do that? The answer: crash the economic system, shut the power off and in a few days (when your food runs out) you will submit to their new totalitarian, communistic, dictatorial type of government. You will take their MARK, so you can go to the store and buy food (Rev 13:16,17) – if you don't know what is going on. (This is a bare-bones explanation – but it is accurate.) This '''world wide economic, etc. crash'' that will soon hit us – is the BIBLES GREAT TRIBULATION.

    This ''New World Order'' takeover is Satan's attempt at replacing Christ's Messianic Kingdom.

    And please remember, the Bible's "Great Tribulation" will be "stopped by God".

    It is essential to know all Great Tribulation "possibilities", for if they come to fruition we will be better prepared for whatever we must face. Some ideas have more validity than others, but some of those "offbeat" ideas, if true, could affect us deeply. Here are things to expect when this happens.

    Please Research the following for an idea of activity in progress. "Georgia Guide Stones", RFID chips, G5, Concentration camps in the USA, Foreign Troops in USA, military training in ''urban warfare'', military guard towers, guillotines, movements of military vehicles on trains and highways in the United States, DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases), Walmart /FEMA connections, New World Order, Clergy Response Teams, Food Distribution Centres, Operation Blue Beam, HARRP, etc.

    (I am putting this list on several channels, and I am hoping that you, the video owner, will not mind this list on yours. I am hoping that it will help some people prepare for such a time.)

    "Georgia Guide Stones" – please web search – if you are not familiar with them. These "16 foot high" Guide Stones were erected in the state of Georgia (USA) in 1980. You will see Ten Guidelines, written in stone, in eight different languages. Its first directive is "MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE". We have a problem here. There are now 7,500,000,000 people on this earth. What is to happen to 7,000, 000,000 of us? (The Great Tribulation will help bring the number down.)

    A fake HOLOGRAPHIC RAPTURE scenario is "allegedly" planned by the ''Powers that Be''. This fake holographic RAPTURE could appear real enough to deceive everyone. Through holograms, it can appear that people are ascending and disappearing into heaven. A word of warning: Since the Pre-Trib Rapture (most likely) will NOT happen, and the NWO pulls a ''fake rapture'' – you will think that you are ''left behind''. Please be aware of the different Rapture Beliefs.

    Watch for a Stock Market (economic) crash that encircles the world. The ONE WORLD CURRENCY, an AI digital currency will appear, which will facilitate the setting up of the MARK.

    Note, an EMP attack is NOT likely because an EMP strike will destroy the electrical grid, including the Communication and Financial Sectors for many months, if not years. Satan's aim is to bring in the New World Order immediately, and he cannot do an this if the world has been crippled. All Critical Infrastructure Sectors would be "fried" by an EMP attack, it is not likely that Satan nor the "powers in control" would allow this. It cannot be in the game-plan.

    BUT, the simplest way to bring the world to its knees is simply to shut down the electrical grid (and "blame" it on an EMP strike, or a "terrorist attack", etc.) That's all they have to do. And this electrical grid failure will, like ''dominoes'' shut down all "16+ Critical Infrastructure Sectors" such as transportation, food distribution, water distribution, etc… around the world. And we are helpless.

    Martial law (perhaps under a more benign name) will be immediately implemented… Please note, that many of the military men will not speak the language of your country. Did you know that the United States has traded soldiers from Russia, China, (our ''enemies'') etc. and have trained them in American "urban warfare"? Why?

    Once the electrical grid is down, "FOOD" runs out very fast. Within three or four days the stores will be empty, and this world will go crazy. (Note: the stores in Houston Texas emptied in four hours at the start of hurricane Harvey, which made landfall in late August 2017.)

    Walmart and other large chains have closed designated stores. These stores have been emptied. Surveillance cameras have been installed, guard towers built at some, and high wire fencing erected around the perimeters. Military vehicles are seen at these facilities……. (Other buildings will also be used.) A possible name for these facilities is "FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS".

    The "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS" will come into play – in the ''rounding up of Christians''. The Christians who refused to worship the beast (the New World Order with its Antichrist leader) will be high on Satan's list for extermination (Revelation 13:15). A military agenda called the "CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS" has been formed. The military has approached Christian Leaders from all denominations, and have been asked to support the government – "in times of crisis", etc. using Romans chapter 13…….

    And, sad to say, you will follow your "religious leader" straight to the "FOOD DISTRIBUTION CENTERS" if you are not cognizant of the agenda, thinking the government will kindly look after your needs of "food and safety" – away from the rioting mobs. That so-called "safe place" will be a holding cell / and next, a concentration camp – with extermination facilities, or worse – slavery or prostitution. (Notice: If you decide to forfeit your integrity to Almighty God, you will be asked to seal your allegiance to the NWO by taking a Mark on your right hand or forehead – Revelation 13:16). Lambs led to the slaughter! What a nefarious, unbelievably simple demonic plan!….

    The United States, for instance, now has approximately 1000 concentration camps located within its borders.

    "Project Blue Beam" involves holography. Some sources say that the statue of Our Lady of Fatima" will also be playing a part in this deception. Watch for Word that she has "spoken again". This may be done with holograms.

    Then there is the UFO phenomenon. A perceived attack (via holograms) by malevolent ALIEN entities in UFOs is thought to be on the NWO agenda. Don't be surprised if you see a sky full of attacking UFOs. …..

    This may be stretching it a bit, but, don't be surprised if actual, live "extraterrestrial" aliens appear. (The Internet says there are many types, from "small greys" to "humanoid reptilians", to the beautiful blonde, blue-eyed Nordic extraterrestrials.) Satan has had 6000 years to perfect his "seed". What has he been doing during this time? Just sayin.

    During this attack, do not be surprised if there appears a benevolent race of alien entities in UFOs (probably, the Nordic) that will appear to battle with the "wicked aliens", and thus appear to save us. ….

    The Antichrist must appear earth-wide, quite possibly through holograms in the sky … The Internet tells us that through the use of technology, the "powers that be" can make it appear as if this "Antichrist" will be talking to us audibly, perhaps even telepathically …

    The Antichrist will promote a unity – a "One World Religion" – which will ultimately be – the worship of Satan himself…

    "MKUltra" involves mind control and will undoubtedly be used in the end-times scenario. It is used now. Wikipedia explains the mind control powers used by MKUltra….

    There is, and will be the surveillance of mankind by the use of computers, televisions, etc. etc. – in your home, your car, and beyond.

    Further, we have the Hydrogen Collider, CERN (and similar facilities around the world) which the Internet tells us can open portals into the next dimension and allow demonic entities into ours. Conjecture or not?

    Don't be surprised if there is a so-called "vampire / zombie attack". Internet sources tell us that "Secret Societies", etc. have for years, been in the process of "programming / hypnotizing" many, many innocent individuals – that will be "awakened" upon hearing certain "key words"…..

    HAARP – weather modification technology can produce floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc., which could make life precarious during the Great Tribulation.

    Islamic "sleeper cells" that have been quietly introduced into ''Western" Christian neighborhoods will be ''awoken''. They will take part in the Tribulation massacre. Remember, the Koran tells every Muslim that he/she must "kill every infidel" (meaning everyone who does not believe as they do ….

    Now, be prepared for God's reaction: The time period of the "Great Tribulation" is not long, for God stops it short – Matthew 24:29… (Sun, moon and stars) What a convenient moment for the "Antichrist" to step in and claim that he is the "Savior" of mankind….

    These subjects will give you an idea of the depth of deception, the astronomical placement of necessary equipment and the acquisition of needed facilities for the preparation of ''World War III'', aka, the Great Tribulation – within the United States and the world.

    What should we do when the Great Tribulation hits? Please read Isaiah 26:20.
    Also, read Daniel 12:2. Is this talking about a Resurrection? It is something that takes place at the ''time of Great Distress'', aka, the Great tribulation. Perhaps we should expect a great resurrection soon.

    Please go to http://www.brenner-life-and-love-poetry.com/
    and click on ''Be AWARE of these Possible ''Deceptions'' for more information on this topic.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video to me Ricky. I hate their business especially when I heard that there are famous people that are part of them. I'm from New Jersey and are there more Jehovah Witnesses in south than the north? Are they allowed to go on vacation?

  4. Thanks for yet another great video! Great job of making it simple enough to follow and understand!! Ah so now the kingdom halls will belong to the watchtower organization, how crafty they are eh? Loving arrangement? Nah, its give us contributions for the rest of your lives, and turn over your assets, your kingdom halls to us. Think its a scramble to raise money for pay off sexual abuse cases? Candace Conti 28 Million, just recently another case, 13.5 Milllion, with many more coming up, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Yes it is a big business empire, book and magazine publishing company, and we were free slaves, selling magazines door to door!

  5. This is new info for me.  I'd heard of the tithes, but I never though of it as extorting the Kingdom Halls.  I always thought the Org. owned them anyway.

  6. Excellent analogy comparing it to a McDonald's franchise having same menu anywhere around the world McDonald's restaurants are. You are very articulate and intelligent. You must have a powerful mind to wake up as you did! 🙂

  7. In some denominations, each church has to pay an "annual assessment" to the denomination headquarters. This is based on the number of contributing members in each church (at one time it was called a "head tax"). The WT has outdone the churches they condemn by demanding congregations pay a never-ending "assessment" every month!

  8. How many people has the WT disfellowshipped using 1 Corinthians 5:11, "don't associate with greedy persons or swindlers"?  Witchtower hypocrisy is unfathomable. They are the very definition of greed. 

  9. Ricky I just cried when I listened to your videos. Be strong, but how. I was baptized in 1965, raised five of my six children as witnesses. I was a victim of the 2 witnesses rule, twice and actually told in 1993 that one of my abusers had finally confessed, had been shown mercy and if, "I spoke of the abuse I would be dealt with judicially" because he had been shown mercy, wow. For 18 years I was inactive, but accepted by my children and a part of their lives even those they were regular pioneers and Bethelites, I was mom just discouraged with the truth still accepted still a part of their lives A large part.. Then my youngest who I did not raise as a witness, decided she wanted to be a witness She became a zealot and decided "for my spiritual life" all my children should shun me, their mom. Well all the friends and family I have are witness, thanks largely to me,  A week had not pasted that I did not speak to my children until the shunning began last November, My children no longer speak to me nor their children since Nov 2013. I lost a son in death who was in his early 30's 4 years ago, I thought I was going to die. When my family shunned me it was as if I had died, and actually according to Witness doctrine we are considered dead. The depression and pain I have gone through has been greater than the  death of my son. When I think of your loss I am overwhelmed with grief for you have lost so much more than I have. I hope through this site you find friends who can give you some peach. I was in therapy because I was so made at myself because I could not just pretend to be a witness so I could be with my family. I am a mom all I have ever been now my children are gone. Why couldn't I just pretend that the WTBTS was Gods only true channel for mankind. After months of therapy the bottom line which I always knew is although I would die for my family I can not live a lie for them. Take care love you hang in there, God will give you peace. My heart is with you.

  10. I didn't even see that angle! I knew they were going to take over Kingdom Halls somehow, but they already had the arrangement in place.

  11. You are correct – the WTS is nothing more than a publishing company with more than its share of scandals. I hope they get forced into bankruptcy and go the way of ENRON!

  12. Its run on the pryramid scheme!! Russell was a 33 degree mason Watchtower is a daughter of Rome and Rome is now in the Jesuit control. The Vatican is calling in all its churches and witchtower is included! If you go to Alan Lamonts channel he really is informative.BLESSINGS on your journey for the truth!

  13. Sounds like your chicken nuggets are ready lol. Seriously though brother, don't eat that crap, its just as unhealthy as W/T food.
    Check out the dangers of chemicals in food, its all linked to United Nations Agenda 21.
    I'm enjoying your vids Ricky and its good to see that you are relaxing into the role 🙂


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