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ZX 4000 4D SHOES
In the ’80s, the science of sport and wearable technology were new concepts. The ZX running series adopted these ideas with a visibly technical design that became a hallmark of its style. Staying true to the original innovative ZX spirit, the adidas 4D midsole has a revolutionary data-driven design to give you focused, controlled energy return and stability. An adidas Primeknit upper wraps the foot with an engineered fit for targeted support that enhances movement.

Regular fit
Lace closure
adidas Primeknit textile upper
Rubber outsole
adidas 4D midsole; Enjoy the comfort and performance of OrthoLite® sockliner
Hugs the foot
Product color: Carbon / Carbon / Semi Solar Yellow
Product code: BD7865


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  1. I love the idea, love the tech, just feel like all those guys in tortune handjob vids… waitin for my time and is so clooose and no shit to get it right fucking adidas Just let me get em pls nice shoes with a 4D tech inna price 200€ and good cw

  2. I love The Ultraboost 350 then I bought a pair of Yeezy and love those more and then I see these online at and their is a different colorway I want but depending on this review I might order them.

  3. I think you have missed the fact that these shoes blister the Falkirk our your inner and outer heel due to the stupid pads that run from the outside of the shoe to the inside, snug against your heel. Bad design flaw and I want to return mine

  4. Its Not Dead But all the uppers they put on the 4d are trash except for the og. If Adidas brings that back hype will be there

  5. How do they fit? They looked a little big on you. You had some wiggle room in the toe. What size are you? What size did you order? And how do the fit in relation to Pharrell Human Race NMDs? Replies would be greatly appreciated. Thinking about ordering but HATE the thought of ordering a sneaker that might not fit right. Especially at the 350 price point.

  6. I hear ya with the $200 price point, but no way we’re seeing that. With Yeezy’s and Pharrell pushing $250 now, 4d tech isn’t dropping below that but I agree, it should be more reasonably priced at least around that price of $250ish as opposed to $350.

  7. If Adidas already knows the pros and cons of 4D and boost, I think we can expect a new pair with an outsole made of 4D for enhanced energy return and an insole made of boost for a soft and bouncy feeling.

  8. 1. This shoes is heavy compare to other running or sport shoes from adidas.
    2. If you using this shoes for running in a rocky terrain beware small rock filling inside the soles and its hard to remove it.
    3. The soles is slippery.
    4. Dont buy the white one, its easy to dirty and hard to clean it.

    just my 2 cent.

  9. I got my white Alphaedge 4D for £215 – discounted from £250.

    Expensive still and new, but they are out of this world in terms of looks IMO.

    I believe it is the early days of the future. Like how Teslas were expensive as hell when they first came out and not great. It needs time.

  10. I also like the boost technology but its so heavy compared to the react technology. I also think boost bottoms out way too fast, I am only 160 pounds and i feel like boost bottoms out after 2 month of wear maybe less.

  11. I don’t know but I work 10 shifts on my feet 🦶 all day and it was no problem breaking them in and I like boost too but I think 4D is comfortable and does form to your feet a lot better but the price is pretty steep but will be it’s downfall if they don’t lower it

  12. It was never alive Big Homie. The first time I took a look at that technology I said hell no bunch of schitt's going to get stuck in there bunch of dirt and rocks and stuff and I'm not going to be able to get them out and it's just going to be a stupid pain in the ass every time

  13. Lol you said exactly what I told my wife down to dang these feel softer to the touch than my first pair but I sold my pair so I wasn’t sure until now thanks for clearing that up. But yea man these should be tops 200 cuz even though they are squishy when I touch them with my hands on feet they were still to stiff. Lol what’s awesome is I bought more ultraboost this year than last year specially because prices have dropped thank God. I don’t care if hype is completely dead one day I love ultraboost. 3.0 is my favorite as well. Yea I think they need to find a formula where these things are like squishy squishy springs where you drop down a bit and the recover but this is way to much for a stiff shoe and the insole was very disappointing compared to the last pair having that thick leather insole to these skinny skinny things that just don’t help at all. Great video God bless bro cheer up you seem less happy man like less excitement

  14. I dont think hype is dead on this if u even want to call it hype ita just the price point is way too high i would maybe buy if its 220 or under but def not 300

  15. Why doesnt someone try to colour the fuck out if the 4d sole, imagine 4d x boost or yeesy x 4d which will be commin…yeesy x off white would be so cool but could never obv happen.

  16. Love my alpha edge 4D but you’re right 300-350 is a bit too much maybe at 200-250 range would be best!!!! They need to make more 4D shoes available and I love the stability and comfort and doesn’t have foot fatigue compared to boost

  17. Adidas are missing a trick here bigtime. They've been hyping up 4D for over a year now, on limited release shoes. Now they release the first shoe to have different colour (white) 4D midsole, and it's on a terrible Stella McCartney collab shoe.
    We should be seeing loads of colours, black, white, yellow, metallic etc and see them working with their higher end collabs like Yeezy & Pharrell.

  18. If Adidas lowered the price they would be much more successful. I have been fortunate enough to have two pairs of 4D (OG Alphaedges, and the first pair of ZX4000) I wore the Alphaedges a lot and they got super comfy. Also 4D is actually fairly competitive with boost over time.


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