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HERE is the super cheap WiFi antenna cable:
Awesome little Smart Phone Tool Kit on Amazon:

LET ME KNOW IF THESE LINKS STOP WORKING, or if you need other replacement parts.

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In this short video I will show you how to replace the WIFI antenna in your iPhone 5. The actual repair should take about 45 minutes or so. If the WiFi option in your settings is greyed out, or if your WiFi connection will never find any WiFi signals (even when you know there are available) It might be time to swap out your WIFI antenna. Lucky for you the part is very inexpensive, and the tools are pretty cheap as well. This should fix any WiFi issues that you might be having with your phone.

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  1. On my iPhone 5s the Bluetooth connection has a spinning wheel? would this repair be relevant to fixing the bluetooth problem?

  2. If my iphone 5 is getting less wifi signals then i have to do the same means replacing my wifi antenna oe it is some type of other fault???

  3. So was the cellular antenna that you mentioned the only cellular antenna that it has and can it also be replaced/removed?

  4. Greetings Hello , I have an iPhone 5 having the unstable signal , and the signal far as I ios restoration of lost, you help me ?

  5. My dads phone's antenna is broken but he doesn't know which one it is. Isn't there multiple antenna's in the phone?

  6. I have the iPhone 5s which this is obtaining to about improving the cell tower signal… I can build something by using a coaxle cable and connect it to a camera

  7. Any tips for us to improve signal strength? I heard copper works but where should we place the copper to obtain the extra signal strength? Great video by the way

  8. Hey Jerry
    Thanks for the videos, they're great, I replaced the camera on my iphone 5 last night, all seemed to go well until I turned it on, there is no service on the phone since, I've rechecked the cellular antenna to make sure it is properly connected & can't see any problems.  I tried to go into field test mode but it cannot connect to that either, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Hey Jerry, so here is the deal. I dropped my phone and the reception is really bad now. I'm thinking its the cellular antenna but I wanted some advise from a professional.

  10. Hi Jerry, i have a question. My iPhone 5 has problems with wifi and bluetooth, they dont work. When i go to seetings, to turn my wifi on, i could not even switch it on or of. How do you think, if i would change the antena, it will resolve the problem? Thx!


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