Install/Uninstall Android OS on Windows 8 & 10 (UEFI) (Easy) (BlissROM 7.1.2)


This Installer will let you install Android x86 on your PC like any other application, no risk to Damage HDD Partitions, Boot Data or User Data. After installation you will got an option at boot to select Windows or Android.

System Requirements

-UEFI-Enabled x86 PC
-Secure Boot Disabled
-Bitlocker disabled on target drive
-Windows 8/8.1/10
-.Net Framework 4.5
-Android System image with UEFI Support


-Install/Uninstall Android directly from Windows
-Support UEFI-Enabled devices
-Support legacy BIOS devices [not available in Alpha version]
-Install to Any FAT32/NTFS partitions


-Androidx86-Installv25.0004.exe UEFI version

– Android-x86 Installer UEFI Version

-Download Android EFI Enabled ISO file from

-Launch the Installer
-Select the downloaded ISO file
-Select “Data Size” for file which will be used to store downloaded Apps and User Settings
-Select the partition which Android will be installed to.
Click Install and wait … The installation will take about 5 min. or less, it is based on your hard drive speed.

How to Enter Android

-Go to Windows power menu and Click on “Restart” while holding shift [

-Select “Use a device”
-Select “Android-OS”
-Now your PC will reboot to Android

-Launch the Installer
-Select “Cleanup Android”

All Credits for the application to ExtremeGTX
follow his forum here

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  1. I found the solution for this, download dbr aka dual boot repair for Windows. Run the program and click Automatic Repair, press okay if asked, this program supports all Windows versions down to XP

  2. This b's ain't working I literally tried every single method none of them worked only thing that's working is my data and also my nerves because literally almost throw my pc out my window 😒😒

  3. second time second computer different time periods ive checked I'm in uefi and did what you did and it fails install

  4. I've got 3 questions: Can I choose system in other way (for example while booting PC)? How can i acces to all files on PC and how to update SU binary? Thanks 🙂


  6. Newer version of Androidx86 Installer :
    *Edit : if it says this site is harmful its not.


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