Install CFW and Homebrew on Your Nintendo Switch v1.0 – v9.1! | Full Guide for Beginners!


With CFW on the Nintendo Switch you can do many things like save managing, cheats, region lock removal, playing game backups, emulation and more!

In this video, I will show you how to get started with CFW and homebrew!

NEW GUIDE for minimal ban risks:

*Timestamps in the pinned comment!

Is my switch patched!?:


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Transfer files via USB:

Look at this written guide:

*I do NOT support piracy or any illegal activity*

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  1. NEW GUIDE with minimal ban risk:

    0:18 Disclaimer!
    0:32 Check if you can mod your switch!
    1:40 Requirements
    3:00 prepare SD card + injector
    6:05 Install Switch SD card updates
    6:50 Inject CFW
    7:50 Backup your switch!
    9:21 Boot into CFW
    10:00 Boot into Homebrew

    Make sure to watch the full guide for the best results!

  2. Hello my unpatched switch is still on 9.0.1 and I just ordered an RCMloader aka payload injector that is set up for 9.1.0 firmware, will that be an issue or should I update my switch first? Thanks for your time.

  3. I did all the steps and they worked correctly but when I try to go into the homebrew thing it only shows my photos and not the apps. and I am holding R when I open it

  4. so if oyu turn it off and on again, it would be as if it was never hacked? Can i get into nintendo online then and not be banned?

  5. If I were to play a game online. Would it still be safe for me to have Homebrew on the Switch? Or would I have to remove Homebrew.

  6. I have the jig in, but when I hold the volume up and power button on my switch either the switch turns on or the RCM on Tegra dosen't change. My Switch isn't patched

  7. One doubt. Can I hack the switch and continue playing online games that I have purchased or that are free?

    And what's the worst thing that can happend to me, can I get my nintendo switch bricked or something?


  8. If i do a hard reset on my switch so i'm no longer running the CFW, can I then go online without worrying about a ban or is it once you do this once you're always at a risk of ban and can't play online?

  9. For me, after doing some things (driver software download), I finally got it to detect that the switch is booted into RCM mode. I injected the payload, and it said payload successfully injected. But my screen is still blank, does this mean my switch is patched. I don’t know. Mainly because on the websites, it says that I have a serial number than may or may not be patched. The serial number is XAW10092126891

  10. When i load up the hekate, everything is fine until I load into the system. I click launch and then CFW (EMUMMC) like you did but mine loads the kosmos and then goes straight back to the launch menu. Did I do something wrong?

  11. i have a switch with fw 3.02 , already have a nand backup and the serial is compatible but i cant jailbreak my switch if i follow this tutorial i get stuck on the hekate screen logo. is it my fw too low to jailbreak?

  12. I'm having a problem getting the program to run. I've formated the SD to FAT32 moved all the files like you showed and once I click on launch and hit the program it shows the first atomosphere screen but then just brings me back to the menu to hit launch again.

  13. when i hit launch it loads the atlasnx kosmos screen then another kekate screen then just goes back to the menu does this mean my switch is patched or did i miss something

  14. Hello I'm stuck at the Atlas screen at 9:44 and it just brings me back to Hekate. I tried reformatting my SD card to FAT32 I re-download all the files but still nothing. Idk what the problem is.


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