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Album: Utopia Banished (1992)
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I abstain!

Summon my pride?
What? Pride behind your blinkered eyes?
Your vigilance is shit
“The lads together” – you fall!

Smug complacency,
Notions of reserving the right to think with your fists,
I abstain from this mundane apathy.

Commited to “All for red, white and blue”
In effect you’re fighting for what’s really fighting you.

“Grit those teeth, push out those chests”
Tears only for the flag,
Always the brave patriot as you slip to second class.

But you stand stead fast?

People are not subjects,
Why should the few get more respect?
Open your eyes!

Imperialism feeds off you,
Not patrons but patronised,
Open your eyes!

They’re shaping you – you’re trapped with ‘pomp and
Lose your discretion,
Sodom, you’ll not fall from grace
Endorse their rhetoric
You fade, they prosper.

I abstain!
Don’t be a colonial slave,
Don’t substantiate the act.

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  • Is this song about veterans?

    Jake Herington May 14, 2020 1:08 am Reply

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