Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison!


4K Camera Test – Huawei P40 Pro Camera vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera vs iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera – Testing Night Mode, 5 times Zoom, Quad Cameras, Portrait mode, Slow motion video, and more.

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  1. Samsung: POR FIN SOY EL NUEVO REY 😀
    Huawei: Pues no mi ciela :3
    Iphone: hola… Pero si yo era el rey :"v

  2. 0:43 Sorry but that's where I stopped watching. Thoughtlessly repeating old stereotype that's no longer valid questions reviewer's professionalism. Even in the very shot at that time it's clear that iPhone is the one that "adds something" (much greener grass), increases saturation for more punchy colors meanwhile Samsung is the more toned down one.

  3. You should compare the s20 ultra and the 11 pro max with the p40 pro+, so you would actually be comparing the best among these 3 companies

  4. All 3 are fantastic. They just differ in themes but I guess you can adjust the light and colour settings to make them the same

  5. Yeah but if you take a video on the p40 and s20 and post it on your social media it will look terrible. Especially on instagram. I know its not their fault but why would anyone buy them if they cannot use the video to share it?

  6. This just once again proves the s20 is way too expensive for the performance of the phone. Even after the update my s20 ultra actually performs worse with regards to autofocus. Very disappointing for the amount of money they charge.

  7. First 8sec killed Every part of the "story line" To Make this Video logic. 2-3 Brands here use Sony camera sensor setup – not only Samsung sensor or any other. Best smartphone camera makers? 😀

  8. How come Samsung has good video stabilization… Clearly iPhone video is less shaky and better stabilized

  9. I don't think any of these phones are worth buying if you have an earlier version of the phone.

    I have an S10e and If you know how to use the S10 Pro Mode, all of Samsung's Camera faults disappear.

    Samsung's Camera faults are software related and not hardware and are overblown. Its all subjective.

    If you are on Android, you should install Snapseed. Its a free and easy to use image/photo editor, owned by Google with no ads. For most people, its all they are going to need for editing images/photos.

  10. Vivo and oppo camera :”You look nice whatever your attire maybe…”.
    iphone camera : “That’s, how bad you really look…”😂
    Honestly iPhones are the best

  11. Great comparison, thanks 😁👍

    The slow motion test is sub par. Maybe use a spinning coin on the table instead of water. In water u cant see strong contrast, and REAL SLOW motion doesnt make so much sense.


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