How To: Use your Android phone as a bootable disk


Google Play Link:

Sorry about the camera issues, trying to get them sorted out.

The paid version works as good as the free version, I don’t really see a need to pay for it, however if you want to support the developers for making an awesome application then go ahead.

– Root
– Some devices may not work well with USB hosting
– Some computers may not work well with booting from USB

As always, I am not responsible for any damage caused by this video. If you install a distro over your main operating system by accident and that causes World War III or some variant of that, I am not responsible. Use at your own risk.


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  1. How is it none of you assholes don't show the full steps on rooting as well not everyone knows how to root a fucking phone if you're going to do something like this showing how to root should be important to

  2. Thanks so much! Mtothree Tech for doing this, I was having problems with my old OS and now my laptop is a fast laptop Thanks!

  3. I cant enter in download modus, pressing these buttons but my phone starts normally… any ideas ?


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