How To Style Adidas Superstars/How To Wear Adidas Superstars/Adidas Superstars Review


How To Style Adidas Superstars. In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses how men can style the classic sneaker, adidas superstars. He shows 3 different ways men can wear adidas superstars. He reviews the adidas superstar and goes over the details that make it an iconic sneaker.

Adidas Superstars

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  1. i have a male friend that wanted to buy a pair of Adidas Superstar shoes but They were $80 and He didn't want to pay that much so He purchased Adidas Superstar for Women only $50 and The Shoes look the same, He is very happy now….

  2. I am a shell toe guy for sure…I was a kid when superstars first came out, all the cool kids had them, no money in our family for expensive sneaks like that…But, I sure wanted them badly. It wasn't until I was a teen and working that I bought my first pair. I now collect vintage original superstars/promodels from the 70-80s. Superstars will alway be in style due to the classic design.
    I like your first and third superstar outfits, great advice and I love the contrast of your grey jeans.

  3. I used to like Air Force ones when I was younger. Now that I'm getting "older" I'm liking the Adidas Stan Smith's and Superstars more.

  4. Im 43 and love these shoes in black grey white and navy blue, but somtimes i feel im too old for them, and i want to rock them till the end of my dayz. What do you guys think????

  5. What do you mean the "classic" Adidas Superstar? The classic didn't have all that gold crap and "superstar" branded on the side. I'm on my last pair of black Adidas Shell Toes without that "Superstar" crap on the side and it wounds me that I can't seem to find a proper pair anymore.

  6. I know this is an old video but I just copped a pair of these and now I'm looking at this video again for style inspiration 🤣✊🏿


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