How to select boot device in Dell Latitude 10 Essential Windows 8 Tablet using Volume Up button


Disclaimer: Boring Video of how to get into the boot select screen when booting up your windows 8 dell latitude 10 essential tablet.

You don’t have to watch this video. After you press the power button, all you need to do is press the volume up button and hold it until the boot select menu appears.

Yes.. that’s all. At least it’s not like on a desktop where you have to press some obscure key like f2 or f10 or esc.

Anyways.. this is useful if you have to factory reset your tablet from a usb flash drive or an external media device. Again.. if you need to change boot order, this is one way to do it temporarily.


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  1. If anybody thinks they can use this tutorial to install Linux from a USB thumb drive, then don't bother. There are no 32-bit UEFI-signed Linux distributions. I have Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS on a 2 GB USB thumb drive, and I can connect the USB thumb drive and a USB keyboard to a 6 port USB hub and connect the USB hub to my Dell Latitude 10, but it boots into the minimal version of Grub2. And even after typing in the following commands, it says “Trying to terminate EFI services again”.

    Here are the command I used in Grub2:

    linux (hd0,1)/casper/vmlinuz /root=/dev/sda1
    initrd (hd0,1)/casper/initrd.lz

  2. hey man , am having issues with my usb , it doesnt show up in the boot select screen . boot service is desabled , and usb boot is enabled . yet still doesnt recognize my usb stick .any sugestions


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