How to Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password – in 2 Minutes


Windows 10 password reset Software:

If you forgotten your windows 10, 8 or 7 user or administrative password and thinking how to reset my windows 10 password or unlock it, This video is for you. This is a step by step tutorial to unlock any windows using windows password key software. Its allows you to unlock windows password via CD/DVD for free or a USB flash drive. Check out the software link above:

Its very hard to remember a old password your have chosen earlier and its irritating too if you need your laptop for urgent work. Using my process you can unlock all supporting Windows like 10, 8.1, Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server.

Steps to windows 10 password reset , you need a blank CD or USB flash drive and working PC or Laptop. Download the software from the above link and install it. Insert your media to PC or Laptop on the software and select your media. Then click on burn button it will create bootable files on your media. Then boot the computer with the CD or USB. Now select the windows you ant to reset the select the user or administrative account on wich you want to remove password. Boom !! your Password is now reset 🙂

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  1. Hi I have just tried this but I can't burn it on a usb it says I have to update to premium so I burnt it on a clean new CD and tried it I followed all the steps at the reboot options but then when the computer restarted it still asks for password so it's not working

  2. Is it Possible to Bypass Windows Password without any Software and without Reseting I want to bypass Windows PAsswords without any Software using.

  3. this is BS!! The $19.99 version doesn't let you burn to USB! It wants me to upgrade to Pro now for another 39.99!!! WTF dude??? Is this your scam or what? Why give the misleading information?

  4. Sir my hp ProBook series laptop, the touchpad is not working can you please tell what maybe the reason & how to fix…..

  5. thanks for the tutorial I hope there is no password in the boot menu
    now I will get admin access on school computer
    edit: rip system32

  6. Bro i have hp ay008tx, and i want to put external graphic card in my laptop, so i have 2 question
    1st how i uninstalled intigrated graphics in my laptop
    And 2nd is i couldn't find wifi pci e slot in my laptop


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