How to Repair Install Windows 10 without losing any Data – 2017 Tutorial


This video shows “How to Repair Install Windows 10″ Easily: If you are having trouble with your Windows 10 installation lately then it’s time to repair install Windows 10. The benefit of a repair install is that it doesn’t install Windows 10 again instead it just fixes the problems with your current Windows installation.

Windows Repair Install is also known as Windows 10 in-place upgrade or Windows 10 reinstallation. The benefit of Windows 10 Repair Install is that it reloads Windows 10 system files and configuration without deleting any user data.
Create a Windows 10 Installation Media
Start Repair from the Installation Media
Please feel free to comment about your issues.
repair windows 10 boot
repair windows 10 using command prompt
repair windows 10 with usb
repair windows 10 install
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  1. Sir not able to understand the last (virtual clone drive) method. The laptop is not booting so how can i install virtual clone drive. please help me there are lots of imp documents in my laptop.

  2. It's time for an alternative to both Youtube and Google. I am sick and tired of that 2x ads that play every single F**** time I want to watch a video.

  3. WARNING TO VIEWERS: If you are already set up to not send your personal and private data to microsoft then do NOT click "I want to help microsoft". How dare the maker of this video not tell people they have the option not to click the box, and anyways the video is completely uselsss if you are having boot or windows update issues. Take this crap down or edit it to be an ISO tutorial.

  4. People having trouble installing the win 10 iso to be bootable keeps on Failing. On same page as MediaCeteation tool do this but with windows Rufus alternative. Just type it into your search engine. And it worked for me. Only fix i could find and bronzed my USB Win 10.

  5. Ignore all the negative comments below. Yes, this works ONLY if you can boot your computer. BUT if your computer was in the state mine was, (Boots, but among other things, the start menu didn't work, and was not able to run update, etc.), This solution DOES work. Yes he forgot to add the links, but basically, what you need to do, is download the Windows installer as he describes. (It will create an ISO file. Than "mount" the ISO file using either the utility he describes or another. Then launch install from the ISO file. Follow the prompts closely, especially the one with keeping files and applications. Wait for the install to complete, (On my computer this was hours.) So far all the issues that I was having are resolved. Saved me from completely re-installing on a new drive, which was what I was going to have to do next..

    So THANKS for spending the time to create this video. (Sorry about all the racist comments that other wrote. They just can't help themselves.)

  6. This did not work for me. You get to the end and it just says "finished ready to use". So… you NEVER get to the “choose what to Keep” screen. That is what I need. ( and probably a lot of others )

  7. This fuckin' idiot's bullshit tutorial didn't teach us shit, plus it needs subtitles. This crap only showed us how to download it. Didn't show us how to prepare it on USB, didn't provide visual proof it worked on his own computer. A tutorial should walk you step by step with clear instructions ending in the desired result. SMH @ this Dumbass

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial, the Microsoft lvl 2 tech downloaded this and had to go but didn't tell me how to do this

  9. for FLASHDRIVE RECOVERY this is a correct way to repair windows 10 with start up problem BUT you should HAVE MENTIONED that you will need to first download the software to another computer and create the recovery usb media there. than use it as a primary boot up drive/flash drive in the bios of thr machine that is having windows start up issue.

  10. Anjing, tutorial macam apa nih? Link di deskripsi… Picek gak ada sama sekali!! malah link video lain… Sangat membantu sekali vidio ini, sangking membantunya sampe aku mual liatnya … V:

  11. What if you don't have a disc or a disk drive in your laptop. I don't. How do i go about repairing my disappeared windows 10

  12. The one I tried doing for NY 0x000025 problem didn't work and I tried doing this one restartes my computer and it just didn't work..plz help

  13. colossal waste of time! At what point does is say that the USB needs to be mounted to the PC that needs to be repaired? and when that is done, there is no way you can get to the setup file if your PC is on 'blue screen' This is non sense!

  14. Please call me 8401608858 I had encounter error code 0xc0000225 so it shows 3 option then how should I get my orignal windows life time warranty back

  15. i am sorry, to repair install windows 10 from the installations Media, it needs internet connection necessarily?, please help.

  16. you are not giving the links you say in the video – no link to windows (yes you do give onscreen link but not in the description box as you say) and you do NOT give link to the virtual CD drive, again you say you will but no – you do manage to link to your 10 other videos – nice self promotion but no help for those trying to fix their systems by re-installing windows.


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