How to Remove Radio / Tuner from BMW X5 2005 for repair.


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Removal and Installation of BMW X5 Tuner / Radio Year 2005 for repair.


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  1. My X5’s radio only works when the key is in position 1 for about a minute. I checked under the spare tire and nothing is there where you showed, just the plugs. I got this car cheap and don’t know the history of it. Shouldn’t it not make any sound at all ever?

  2. any way to install after market head unit with out losing the dsp amp and not keeping the factory radio in glove box…help please anyone

  3. Hi I have a 2006 E53 (M54B30), X5 3.0i sport activity vehicle. My radio in the dash has navigation, it use to show the BMW display stuff when turning it on. Now it does not show anything at all yet it plays, and i only can control for example the radio stations using function of steering wheel buttons for up and down. The radio control module that mounts in rear by battery was exposed to battery acid when it exploded from previous owner. Upon me inspecting battery area i discovered this. It had a brownish and white dried up looking stuff around said radio control module that mounts in rear by the battery.

    1.) What do you think is cause as to the in dash radio/navigation screen going blank but plays?

    2.) Despite the battery acid being on portion of radio control module, can it still be used or replace it?

    3.) How much do you charge to fix number 1 above here?

    My email address is

  4. Hello
    when you connected this long cable to the original one in the trunk, did the speakers sound at once? Or you have to connect something?
    Thank you..

  5. Hi just installed replacement.
    Worked great for 5 mins.
    Screen went blank. Now car won't start?
    Do you know what fuse?

  6. Hi, great vid. what about the TV unit? How would I install one and where? Would it go next to the battery? Just trying to figure out where the standard BMW install is. Thanks


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