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👍 Watch how to recover Windows 10 password for a computer or laptop. Losing a password to your Windows 10 user account can become a very unpleasant surprise. It means you have lost access to all data stored on a specific computer. It is good if you know the password to Administrator’s account: this account lets you manage passwords set by users of a specific computer. However, sometimes it can also be lost or forgotten.

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Here is the first method. To recover Administrator’s account password you need to enter Windows recovery environment. You can do it with the help of a recovery disk, a boot disk (or a boot USB drive). I focused on these methods in my previous videos. In the restore environment, click on Troubleshoot / Advanced options / Command Prompt. To begin with, we need to know the system disk letter, because it can be other than C. Enter the command “diskpart” and then “list volume” to see which letter indicates the system disk (in my case this is disk C). Type in “Exit” and the following command: “move c:windowssystem32utilman.exe c:windowssystem32utilman2.exe.” Press “Enter” and follow it with this command: “copy c:windowssystem32cmd.exe c:windowssystem32utilman.exe.” Press “Enter” and you will see a report saying that one file was copied. Close the command prompt and boot Windows 10 from the hard disk.

After that, you can start the command prompt in the blocking screen by clicking on “Ease of Access.” Enter “net users” in the command prompt to see the list of all users. In my case the username for which the password needs to be reset is “Andrey.” Now enter the command “net users Andrey” and the new password (let it be Test123). Press “Enter” to see a report saying that the command was performed successfully. After that, close the command prompt and enter the account with the new password.

In order to restore system files to their original condition, that is, to get ease of access booting instead of the command prompt, start the command prompt in the restore environment as it is shown above. Now check the system disk letter with the command “diskpart” and “list volume” (in my case, the system disk is C again), enter “Exit” and the following commands: “del c:windowssystem32utilman.exe” (press “Enter”) and “move c:windowssystem32utilman2.exe c:windowssystem32utilman.exe.” Press “Enter,” close the command prompt and boot Windows 10 in a normal mode.

Here’s the second method. As well as in the first method, you need to enter Windows 10 Restore Environment and start the command prompt. Type “regedit” in the command prompt and press “Enter.” Then select the section “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,” and click “Load Hive” in the tab “File.” Go to “This Computer,” “Local Disk (C:),” “System32,” “config,” click on the file “System” and click “Open.” Enter any name, for example, “test,” and click OK. In this hive, look for “Setup” section, right-click on “CmdLine” and click “Modify.” In the line “Value” enter “cmd.exe” and click OK. Then right-click on the file “SetupType” and click “Modify.” In the line “Value” enter “2” and click OK. Now, click the hive “test” and select “Unload Hive” in the tab “File.” Confirm unloading hive, close the registry editor and the command prompt, and click on “Continue (log in and use Windows 10).” When the system boots, the command prompt will open. Enter the command “net users,” then the user account name (in my case, it is “Andrey”) and enter the new password (let it be “andrey123”). We can see that the command has been performed successfully, enter “exit” and log in the user account with the new password. System files will go back to their original condition automatically, and they don’t have to be changed back, as we did in the first method.

If you have access to any user with administrator rights, you you can reset passwords for all other users with the means of Windows 10. To do it, log in as administrator, open Control Panel / User Accounts / Manage Another Account. Specify the account, the password to which should be modified (for example, “Test”), select the function “Change Password,” enter the necessary password (for example, Test123), confirm the password, enter the prompt, and click “Change Password.”

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  2. Well plan "A" and Plan "B" did not work: System Error 8646
    Solution of last resort … reformat hard disk and install Linux

  3. what if someone does not have any of those 3 things you mentioned Ie (boot disc etc?) Can one still recover administrative password or reset it. Its a hewlit packardf -asking for a friend.


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