How to Modify an OS X install disc to work on other computers.


Have you ever tried to install OS X on your Mac and got a message that says “This software cannot be installed on this Computer?” Well, here is how to correct that. I’ll walk you through copying the disk to an image on your computer, then making changes needed to the script, and burning it to a new CD.



  1. I recently inherited an eMac (USB 2.0) with an empty 40 GB hard drive. I have install DVD's of Tiger from an iMac G5 that I bought new back in 2005. I've made images of the two install DVD's, partitioned a thumb drive, and dumped them on. I edited the OSInstalls file, added in the eMac 'PowerMac 6,4', but I get a kernel panic when it tries to boot from the thumb drive. Did I miss something?

  2. That's BS this could work on limited amount of computers. I have a MacBook, 1 early 2008 model. That is fully running OSX 10.11 as the computers maximum for that laptop is actually 10.7.5

  3. Where can I find a restore disc for the first Intel core 2 duo Mac Minis? One of mine has the flashing question mark folder and I can't get it to boot off of any disc internally or through an external USB dvd drive.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was pulling my hair out wondering why multiple restore discs were failing to work on my 2006 Intel iMac. I followed your tutorial step by step, and it worked!!!

  5. Hi I like the video. Question: can I instead of burning it on DVD put it on a flash drive? I have snow leopard on my iMac and wan to install that on an 2009 MacBook pro. Thanks 🙏

  6. I gotta try this. The OS install DVD that came with my 2008 iMac doesn't work any more. This looks like it might actually fix it.

  7. Actually, more than trying to modify an install disc, i came here to see how to extract a dmg from a real cd for VirtualBox. Thanks bro

  8. You really need to use another mac? I'm a daily driver Windows user willing to update my beautiful eMac to Tiger or Leopard. Any help on that? Anybody?

  9. Out of curiosity would I be able to do this with a unsupported version of Mac OS on an older machine? e.g. Macbook 4,1 running Mac OS 10.8?

  10. Your video is great I really liked it.Can you please explain how to do it with the grey Mac OS Snowleopard disk?I have a MacBook 2010 pro that came with the snowleopard disk that I want to put on an Intel MacBook 2,1 that I erased it's hard drive because I thought that I could just use the Snowleopard disk because it's up to specs but it's apparently locked out.I didn't know that apple was so bogus or I wouldn't have erased the hard drive.It had mac os Tige 4.11 on it but now it's gone.I wished that I didn't erase it because now I feel like a dumbass because I can't download tiger for it.I followed your instructions and I did everything on my MacBook Pro 2010 model that's running El Capitan to set up the Snowleopard disk to be used on the Mackbook 2,1 but I can't figure out how to do the opening installation package set up that you were doing with that older operating system tiger or whatever you were using.It's different on my computer.If you could make a video I would be so grateful.I'm hitting the like.button and subscribing to your interesting channel.Thanks for your good work you're awesome.I bought the Macbook 2,1 for $5 it has lines on the screen but I can connect it to my tv with and adapter that I bought for $1 at the thrift store.I want to.use it for my Akai Z8 rackmount sampler to use Akai Aksys program to control it.The Aksys program is from Akai Professional before they went bankrupt in 2002 and got bought out by Numark a really lousy company that doesn't support the Aksys software.It's a long story but the thing is that the Aksys program will work on Mac os Snowleopard or earlier and when I upgraded my MacBook pro from snowleopard to newer OS I couldn't use Aksys or other older programs so having a computer that could run older software would really help out my situation.I would even be cool with being able to run Snowleopard somehow on my Macbook pro El Capitan Os if possible.I feel dumb about erasing the Macbook 2,1's hard drive but mistakes are part of learning.Thank you.

  11. so i cud buy any dell restore disk say for windows 7 and be able to use it with my older xp wow thanks no i have a geart reason to finnla buy that disk

  12. cant do anything your telling us. os 10.4.11 cant do anything. no contents viewer no nothing. What should I do? go back to os 9 or osx. Apple computers are crooks. Im a pc user and Ive upgraded my pc to windows 10 from windows 7. and its still the same machine working well. Ass wipe Apple.

  13. THis is excellent. Reminds me of the hammer into the BIgBrother screen from the original Mac ads. Apple, sheesh. Talk about becoming authoritarian in your old age. I didn't even know you did comp stuff but i've watched loads of your keyboard vids. should've subscribed earlier but i just did

  14. Just brilliant. Thank you.
    I had a similar problem. I needed an old version of mac OS X to install an old version of pro tools. I could not find an old version of the suitable mac OS X to download. But luckily I found the DVD operating system that I need but my iMac rejected it. So I made a startup disc out of it by using disc utilities.

  15. Hey on your macmini 1.1 what is the highest os you can run trouble free? I have snow leopard running both my macmini 1.83 and macmini 2.?


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