How to Mod Your PSP on Firmware 6.61 or Lower! – Infinity Permanent CFW


This tutorial covers how to install Infinity Hybrid CFW on a PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, or Go! This is accomplished by updating to firmware 6.61 and then using a custom firmware of your choice, either PRO or LME, to build a custom firmware file to flash directly to your system. Several PSP models can handle CFW but cannot be patched to permanently load CFW regularly, meaning that every time you coldboot your console you have to re-launch the CFW. Infinity fixes this by combining firmware 6.61 with parts of firmware 6.31 to allow a permanent CFW patch for any compatible PSP model!

I mention any compatible model because there is one model which is not at all compatible with Infinity: the PSP-E1000. If you own an E1000 model – DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THIS TUTORIAL! Infinity does not work with the E1000, you can use any other model PSP to install this firmware EXCEPT for the E1000.

Finally it has also been observed that LME will not stay permanent on a 1000 model PSP. If you have a 1000 model, use PRO CFW and select the PRO option when following this tutorial!


This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.


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How To Use a Micro SD Card on a PSP!


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  1. Many people following this tutorial have mentioned that LME will not stay permanent on a 1000 model PSP. If you have a 1000 model, use PRO CFW and select the PRO option when following this tutorial!

  2. I feel like the only one stumped on this… at 4:21 how is he able to copy from the origins folder and paste to the root card but the computer doesn't prompt him regarding the duplicate "PSP" folder name? It doesn't prompt to replace, duplicate, etc?

  3. i think i messed up my flash 0 last time. i didnt want the psp logo blocking my custom boot up screen and now all i see is a black screen. :;(

  4. tried it my psp 1003 all went well but after the final bit i rebooted and the menu would not come up when i pressed "select" so i went through the process again and after the final stage reboot all i got was a black screen and it wont boot into recovery "power plus right trigger" any ideas please? is there any way to install from usb port?
    cheers simon

  5. when i run infinity firmware builder there's an error saying Error 0xFFFFFED0 mounting 6.31 updater.
    the process stops at 15% packing 6.31 subset
    can you please help me

  6. I have problem when i press PSP UPDATE ver 6.61,show up the message''The system software of your psp system is version 9.90.There is no need to update.'' My system software is 5.50 GEN-D (FULL).What is the problem?

  7. Messed up on the final step! Did everything right, but when I reset, the VSH menu doesn't pop up when I hit select. I did everything right including selecting the right CFW on Infinity Configuration. Any clues?

  8. @MrMario2011 Have you experience any issues with the wallpaper not saving when you leave the homescreen. I have been encountering that after I installed the CFW.

  9. It worked like a charm! When i ordered PSP-3004 on Monday and delivered day later, it had CFW, but that was LME. I used that CFW, but today i got rid of it since PRO is better. I used Chronoswitch Downgrader to remove LME 2.3 Infinity. Then i downloaded that and put to PSP. I did correctly like it was described in the video. Firstly i install a PRO CFW, then run Infinity Firmware Builder, then i moved DATA.MFC from MAKER to FLASHER folder. Then i runned Infinity Firmware Flasher and i flashed the FW without any errors, that could brick console. And as it is normal after flashing Infinity, had to Factory Reset the Console by pressing O. Then i reinstalled PRO CFW, and after that i runned final Infinity app called Infinity Bootloader Configuration. I selected PRO CFW Configuration, because i was installing PRO CFW. And after that, i exited app, remove all unnecessary Infinity apps and PRO Update and Fast Recovery. And it worked! Mine PSP boots to PRO CFW Directly without needing Fast Recovery to be launched. Helpful

  10. It’s strange… some UMD games don’t seem to fully rip over to the computer. Only around 500-800mb transfer. I have this issue so far with Star Wars Lethal Alliance and Killzone Liberation. But others seem to work just fine.
    Anyone run into this problem?

  11. great video !! march 2020 modded like a champ. but if you did what i did and removed battery days after and psp wont boot. i got u there just copy launcher file to sd card on pc then insert into psp press and hold home and power button on psp you will boot up then run launcher and it should all work again ! learned from my mistake. thanks again !!

  12. Everyone : PSP's are so outdated and are pieces of crap!
    PSP Modding People : PSP's are the best for games on the go and can be snuck in class
    and yes i play my psp in class


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