How to make an Easy2Boot multiboot USB drive (now OLD and OUTDATED!)


This video is VERY OLD and OUTDATED! The new E2B download now runs the Make_E2B.exe Windows GUI so you can make an E2B USB drive with just a few mouse clicks!

Make an Easy2Boot USB multiboot drive in 5 minutes using just the Easy2Boot download.
Boot almost any ISO, .wim file, .VHD file, .ima file, UEFI secure boot is supported, WinPE, Hirens, linux+persistence, NTFS, FAT32 or exFAT, persistence files can be larger than 4GB, fully configurable…

Recommended: Fast USB 3.0 Removable flash drive, e.g. SanDisk Cruzer Extreme 64GB.

PDF Guide at

1. Download Easy2Boot and run the .exe file
2. Select your USB drive and click on the RED BUTTON (you can check it using the QEMU button afterwards)
3. Copy your ISOs and other payload files directly to the USB drive
4. Run the MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd batch file from the USB drive.
5. Boot it!

There is also a linux script included in the download for making an E2B drive.
UEFI-booting video –
For full details, please visit the website.
Check the ‘List of tested ISOs and payload files’ page for special instructions –
Boot an unlimited number of ISOs and other payload files.
Can also boot from Windows .VHD and .WIM files – just copy them over!
You can also multiboot UEFI payload files too-
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For UEFI boot support see my other videos


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  1. I want to create mutliboot usb containing both WIN7 AIO & WIN 10 AIO iso listed below using easyboot.
    I have two ISO's 1. WIN 10 AIO X32 AND X64
    2. WIN 7 AIO X32 AND X64
    Should i place the both ISO in the WINAIO folder. How do you go about it

  2. omg. Only hiren's boot iso image can boot successful, the rest Windows 7, and Windows 10 can't boot.

    My Windows 7 iso file is create from DVD. Have put ISO file under folder _ISOWINDOWSWIN7.
    When boot to Easy2Boot, choosen windows7.iso , at unattended page I choose LOAD_ISO (and try 1st default option too), then the page just freeze there with cursor keep blink, but nothing loaded, hardisk light is not blink shows that no any reading or writing progress.

    Is that we need to makes the DVD bootable ISO file to be "USB bootable ISO" file first?

  3. Thank you! This is a fantastic bit of software. I reprogrammed the firmware on a USB drive to split it into two drives and put this on one. Given there are so many possibilities for things to go wrong, this is very easy to follow with a tremendous amount of detail included on the subject.
    I also made a theme with the theme maker, which was a doddle to use. Awesome!

  4. So is this video redundant? All the RMPrepUSB stuff is not needed anymore? If yes, can the video and the "watch the video!" hint please be removed? This is very confusing

  5. I just finished making a mbr E2B usb stick from within Win8.1, and the E2B menu doesn't list any items, only the function to change the default selection. I redid some of the file extensions, but most should be ok, and then ran WinContig again. Puzzled why this is not working, and finding the directions very complicated.

  6. I just don't understand how people take much time to develop this software… But then the official page and tutorial look like total bullshit.

  7. Dear Steve..
    can't Auto load but work with .mnu file.
    Can You make auto load for that's..??

  8. im having problem in getting my sccm 2012 iso to work , I had tried to transfare it into imgPTN file but its still get me error after booting it " "Unable to read task sequence configuration disk" , the iso work fine if I use it with program like iso2usb but I want to use more then 1 sccm in 1 usb drive 🙁 pls help

  9. Hai @steve6375 ..
    I had load QRUN.g4b in menu.lst to access file with command
    GRUB/QRUN.g4b /FISO/Partition Manager.iso
    QRUN.g4b in folder Grub
    but not working
    Can you explain how to correct my menu.lst command.?

  10. Hi! i have a problem! i try to instal E2B and i folow all the steps using RMPepUSB, but i get this error "Error 6 no drive letter", i try with a 750gb external USB drive but im thinkin maybe the problem will be that RMPrepUSB don´t support large external drives , can any one helpme ?

  11. I have make the drive like the video show but when i start windows 7 install ''Windows its loading files'' the loading stops.PLEASE HELP!

  12. Why did you make fullscreen unavailable on the site and make people click through to here? Small text in a video needs fullscreen to read. Makes no sense whatsoever..

  13. very confusing tutorials …. nothing about making a bootx64.efi so that I can boot from my mac…. whatever is slapped on the site as the "how to" is just incomprehensible

  14. oh man.i'm in love with your product.i hope you can accomplish whatever you want.can i multiboot kali linux and hbcd?

  15. doesn't seem to be working for me. seems unable to find _ISO. not sure if anybody else has had same issue. anyway, i'm considering commenting out the script up to the point where the wiping of the usb stick begins. any reasons this would backfire?

  16. Can I use this for Server 2012 R2?  Can I just make my own folder for it?  I don't need a key as it activates via our network at work…

  17. this is not related to this video _ however what i am struggling to do is to simply install Windows XP on a usb flash drive instead of a classic SATA HDD – is it possible?


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